Not Your Usual Baby Gift –Looking for the Unique

Yes, there may be a registry and yes, everyone else is abiding by it. But you may want to consider an unusual, unique gift to set apart from others.

Not Your Usual Baby Gift –Looking for the Unique by North Carolina Mom Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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A baby is all about the milestones – their first smile, the first poo, the first tooth. New parents scramble to get everything written down in the baby journal. This careful documentation often lasts about three months, or, if they have some help, upwards of a year. And, speaking of a year, a baby turning a year is quite the accomplishment.

The Big One

By the time their baby is one-year-old, parents are likely to have gained the confidence and a solid understanding of how these tiny beings operate. Some may argue that a party is unnecessary because a baby isn’t going to remember a first birthday. Posh, we say! A first birthday is as much for the baby who is going to get to destroy a slice of cake, smearing frosting throughout the face and hair, as it is for the parents, who should darn well be congratulated, fetted, and honoured for getting this far.  This means, you need to look into what you’re going to bring to that one-year-old’s first birthday party. Don’t be a smarty pants and say “baby gifts,” because, of course, you know this. It is, however, time to think about what you’d like to give them.

Things to Put On

Clothing, at this age is a great gift – the way and rate in which babies grow renders new clothing essentials, seemingly at every turn. We suggest starting with something any parent will welcome: grow suits! Look for 100% soft-cotton bodysuits with envelope necks and two-button crotch for easy dressing. You can find some adorably cute grow suits with, for example, Jo Jo Rabbit embroidery, self-stripes, garden-story embroidery, and even the charming saying “I love the nightlife.” Grow suits can be worn on its own, in warmer weather, in the home, or used as a layer to go out.

But clothing in and of itself is not terribly exciting, so be sure you work to make your gift special. You always want to be separate and ahead of the pack, right?

Here are some great baby gifts for that milestone year, either individually or in combination:

Thomas Giraffe Hand Rattle: These absolutely adorable plush rattles are ideally suited for a one-year-old. Available in both a blue or pink theme, not only does it make the delightfully distracting rattle noise, it’s also top tactile –combining a jumper-like fabric and the softest plush.

My First: Whether the birthday celebrant is a boy or girl, they’ll get a kick out of “My First Footy” and “My First Soccer Ball,” quite close aesthetically to the “real thing,” but in absolutely baby-friendly plush.

My First Activity Play Rings: Colourful with just-the-right amount of playful noise, these multi-purposed Patterned Activity Rings will keep a baby entertained, and will be handy and useful as you begin to teach your child colours. These rings are ideal for

  • Linking together or attaching to other toys
  • Teething rings to soothe sore gums while teething
  • Clacking sounds for auditory stimulation
  • Great for counting
  • Vibrant colours encourage visual perception
  • Also great for small hands

Flutter Butterfly Playmate: Today’s toys take a baby’s interest seriously, and the Flutter Butterfly Playmate combines a lovely, soft, squeezable plush and a small ring of click-clack shapes.

My First Loopy Ball: The little birthday imp can shake, rattle and roll the Loopy Ball. It features a burst of bright colors and patterned soft textiles.

  • Colorfully textured loops for soothing sensory development
  • Bright fun colors and characters on each side for a fun surprise
  • Rattling sounds when ball tumbles and rolls for auditory stimulation

Minimink: Let’s admit it, sure, a soft furry fabric feels good to babies.  But it’s also cozy and comforting for parents. Baby Minimink offers up Booties Milk, a Pram Liner, and a Rug Wrap Throw milk, the latter of which may be the most popular gift you’ll ever give.

The key to giving memorable, useful, unique and fun gifts is to do a spin on the familiar like these baby jumpers. Parents are going to have to put clothes on that baby, so why not choose an unusual practical item? Baby will get a jump-start on the second year of life with these great gift ideas.

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