The Benefits of Using a Skin Whitening Cream

In recent years, the popularity of skin whitening cream, also called skin lightener, has grown steadily throughout the world. In fact, when visiting countries in Asia, South America and Africa, you may notice that many everyday moisturizers and body whitening lotions contain skin lightening ingredients.


So, what is behind this new beauty trend, and how does it work?


Why do some people use skin whitening cream?


One of the most common reasons for using a skin whitener is because of a medical condition that has caused changes in the skin. This type of cream often helps people who suffer from a condition known as melasma, which causes dark spots to form on the skin. People also use these whitening creams to disguise acne scars, sun damage and age spots.


How skin whiteners work


The skin naturally produces a brown pigment, called “melanin.” When a body whitening lotion is applied to the skin, it inhibits the production of melanin. Skin lighteners do not actually bleach the skin; rather they stop the skin’s production of melanin. After the existing melanin wears off, the skin appears whiter because the skin whitening cream has blocked the production of new melanin.


Active ingredients in skin whitening cream


Whitening creams that are most effective for consumers contain an ingredient called hydroquinone, which is FDA-approved for topical use in the United States.


It is important to note that consumers should avoid skin whitening creams that contain mercury as the active ingredient, as it can cause skin reactions. While this is a rare ingredient these days, it can still be found in some skin lighteners sold outside of the US, so read the label thoroughly before using.


How to use skin whitening cream safely


Skin whitening lotions should always be used under the care of a doctor or dermatologist. Using a whitener that has been doctor-prescribed is your safest bet because you know you have been prescribed a cream that will suit your skin’s needs.


If you experience an adverse reaction to the product, stop using it, and make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist. Skin reactions are rare, but they can happen, especially if you have sensitive skin, so err on the side of caution and get any reactions checked out.


While skin whitening creams are very safe to use, they are only intended to be used for a short length of time, so if you’re considering using one, consult your doctor first to find the right cream for you.


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