Guess who I think is hot?


It is no secret that I have a thing for those Wahlberg boys. Donnie and Mark Wahlberg have been on my radar since my teenage years. And that was some years ago. To me, they are probably the hottest male celebrities. In fact, Mark Wahlberg was the subject of a conversation that I had with my friend Courtney the other day. We decided that instead of arguing who would get him, we decided to share him. (Like that would ever happen) I am not sure why I think they are so hot. Is it their sense of humor, their physique, the longevity of the career or the diverse path that their careers have taken, I am not sure? I think it might be a combination of all of these that make them seem like they are the perfect package. I know they are not perfect, but they are darn near close to it. LOL, I look at my husband and realize that he has some of the qualities that they have, they just appear from time to time. He might not have the six pack abs like Mark and Donnie (he has a 4 ½ pack lol), but those muscles in his upper arms turn my legs to jelly.

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