Flower Girl Dresses: Styles and Trends for 2019

Flower Girl Dresses Styles and Trends for 2019 from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Are you exhausted by looking through the latest and greatest trends for wedding-related dresses? We bet you are.

If you’ve been steady planning your big day for a while now, you’ve probably read all the information that’s out there about wedding dress trends, bridesmaid dress trends, and even mother of the bride trends.

But now you have to decide on flower girl dresses for your small beauties, and you likely don’t have the energy to sort through thousands of Pinterest photos to trim down your list of flower girl dress trends for 2019.

That being said, you can’t go into picking out a flower girl dress totally ignorant, so we’ve made it easy for you. Check out the top flower girl dress trends for 2019 here and get to selecting your favorites!

Go Flowery – Well, More Flowery

We know it might sound a little on the nose, but when it comes to flower girls, you can literally never have enough flowers. That’s why we’re encouraging more flowers all the time – especially on the dresses. If your little flower girl can pull off adorable pastel floral toddler flower girl dresses, lacy gowns with floral details, or simply printed floral dresses for your wedding, then you’re totally in-tune with the 2019 trends! More flower power, please!

Ruffles are Back

We don’t mean to get you too excited, but the tulle and ruffle looks are totally back in for little adorable flower girls, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it if we tried. Honestly, how adorable is a tiny, little, excited flower girl walking down the aisle just covered in fun ruffles and tulle? It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Layers are Adorable

This is a new trend we are dying for – a layered look. The hottest 2019 trend is to keep it simple with an adorable color and cut, then layer a soft, cozy cardigan or light cape over her little dress. This is perfect for spring or fall weddings when there might be a light chill in the air, but not sufficient for winter weddings that are going to be chilly (for that, you’re going to want to bring out the big, fuzzy jackets to make sure she’s extra comfortable).

Get Colorful

We love this trend so much. Sure, you want your wedding to be cohesive, but there’s nothing more fun for a little girl to glam up in an amazing, bright and vibrantly colored dress. If you can swing it with your wedding theme, try to give your flower girl a bright dress that’s an exciting pop of color! She’ll love being the center of attention and you know it will make for adorable, and memorable, wedding photos!

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