Make Every Day National Spouse Day

National Spouse Day

Today on the drive to school, Gracie and I were listening to the radio and the hosts of the Morning Mashup said today was National Spouse Day. So this got me thinking why do we need a National Spouse Day? Shouldn’t every day be spouse day? Why should this day be different than any other day? We should show our spouse how much we love them every day, not just on one particular day. It seems that our country is going a little crazy on trying to make every day of the year mean something. They are right every day of the year should mean something but not because it has been declared that it is a national day but because we should live our lives to the fullest.

Tomorrow is not promised and what we have today can be taken away at any moment. So why not show the people that are closest to you how you care? Often those closest to us, get the worst of us and not the best. I know my family gets the stressed out version of me when I am working on deadlines like I am today. At what point do you think, why is that?

It is because those closest to us see us at our worst and our best and don’t judge us because of it. They are the ones that we can totally be ourselves with and know that no matter what they will still love us.

I am not saying that everything is rosy and pretty all the time because it isn’t. The Lord knows that it is far from that, but it is a life that I am devoted to and a life I love. Do I wish that sometimes we didn’t have as many struggles? YES!!! Do I cry out to God and ask “WHY ME?” Yes! Am I perfect?? NO!! But what I am is devoted to making the life of my family, my relationship with God, my house clear of clutter and to finding happiness and joy within myself, ( Look there is that word again devoted/ devotion Remember that was my key word for this year.) better. That may include stepping away from some things and learning to say no. Working on a schedule, closing my computer down at night to enjoy my family because I want every day to be about my spouse and my family.

This picture was taken on our wedding day. Both of us had a lot more hair than we do now. Look how young we were!!!
This picture was taken on our wedding day. Both of us had a lot more hair than we do now. Look how young we were!!!

Because to be honest, have you seen my husband!!!!!  After 22 years, he still does it for me. He is such an amazing person that sometimes I wonder how did I get so lucky to have a man like this in my life. I knew from the moment we met each other, that he was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life. He stole my heart from the first time I laid eyes on him, the only other man to ever to do that was my daddy.

National Spouse Day

So I challenge you to make every day National Spouse Day! Show your spouse how much you care!!!

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  1. You are indeed a lucky lady! Happiness should never be taken for granted, and it should definitely be shared with those you love. Thanks for sharing and being a wonderful host of the #HomeMattersParty – I love working with you! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

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