Guarding Against Emotional Cheating


Can something like innocently texting someone become a form of cheating? Yes according to Wikipedia if “a relationship between a person and someone other than their spouse that affects the level of emotional intimacy, emotional distance, and overall dynamic balance in the marriage.” It is considered emotional cheating.

Did you know that most women agree that this can affect their relationship more than one night stand would? Now, don’t get me wrong any form of cheating is wrong, but I totally can understand why women say that it is worse than a one night stand. Why do you ask? Because most women equate love with emotions and words. While most men, equate love with the physical, sexual part of the relationship. Think about it, nine times out of 10 this is right.

But did you know that emotional cheating is becoming more and more common in relationships? Not sure exactly what it is here a few things to think about.


  • Inappropriate or excessive time with someone else. That could be in person or through text and emails. Evaluate the number of text that you send to a person that are not for business, and if the number is more than you text your spouse you might be guilty.
  • Lying to your partner- Not telling your partner how much time is involved and when asked about something, you get defensive. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your spouse than you might be guilty,
  • Increased fighting with your spouse- You try to make yourself feel better, so you pick fights to justify your actions,

If emotional cheating is continuing for an extended period that intimacy can turn into a full blown affair? Is that what you want for your relationship.


Why am I writing this post you ask, because I have made it my goal aka resolution for the New Year Year to guard my marriage against any form of cheating. And that sometimes we often forget that the person we are doing life with needs us just as much as we need them. So look for a series of frugal date night ideas in the future. I am hoping to get some guest posts from my blogger friends as well.  And btw the look for a blog post about my word for this year. Dedication!!


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