On The Seventy Mark

I took a little break from the blessings post because let’s face it I got too busy. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been counting my blessings it just means that I haven’t been writing them down. So here are the next 10 blessings on the 100 blessing challenge.

  • My doctor- In the next few weeks I will be having surgery. But I have complete confidence in my doctor and I am looking forward to being pain free after the surgery.

tape ki

  • Kinesio Tape- My physical therapist used this on me for the first time the other day and I never thought such a little piece of tape would work miracles.
  • Free Food- For the past couple of Railhawks games we have been able to tailgate with free pizzas from Papa Johns as we got a coupon for a free pizza at last Sunday’s game.
  • Knowing that my blog is growing into something that I can be proud of it.
  • Finally being able to have a closet that is organized like I want it.
  • Have a successful yard sale. Looking forward to another successful one this weekend.
  • A weekend at home- I am sad that there are no soccer games this weekend but it gives us a chance to relax which brings me to next blessing
  • Being able to turn one year older on Friday. I will be surrounded by friends and family on that day. What else could a girl ask for?
  • Knowing that my daughters are all healthy after the first half of the year hopefully the second half will be kinder to us.
  • Answered prayers- even though they don’t seem to come when you want them to they are being answered in His time.

Can’t wait to post the next three sets of ten soon. Check back to see what else I am thankful for. Also how are you doing in your blessings challenge?? Keep it up we are almost there.

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