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Trifabb at ABC 11
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I know I have mentioned before how wonderful it is to have friends who not only encourage you but also those who are willing to help you grow. That is what Trifabb is all about. 


Trifabb is an amazing group of bloggers organized by the totally adorable and sweet Molly from Still Being Molly.  Trifabb is so much than a group of bloggers who get together to have fun. It is about encouraging and helping us to take our blogs to the next level.

That is why I was so excited when one of their meetups was at a local television station, WTVD ABC 11Molly managed to set up a very informative session with

trifabb with panel
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  • John, the Digital Director
  • Taylor- Social Media Manager
  • Laurie – Manager of their Raleigh Studio


  • Anna- One of their news journalist

At this meeting, we were told how to pitch a story to the media. They gave us three key points to follow.

  1. Be Short. – Short, Concise and to the point is best when pitching the media.
  2. Add Value – Does your story have a visual element that sells your story?
  3. Big Picture– Does your pitch build a relationship with the station?

They also stressed that although our content may not be used as a traditional news story, it would be great content for the web. And in this day and age of social media- this is key.

trifabb meetup WTVD 11 Em Grey Photography
Photo Credit Em Grey Photography

I will admit that this was not only an informative session but also another fun meetup. I loved seeing bloggers who I haven’t seen in awhile and meeting new ones as well.


Of course, my partner in crime for this event was Kathi from Miss Everchanging. So tell me do you belong to a group that encourages as well as educates you like Trifabb does for me?

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