50 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola

coca cola 50 uses

Kids love Coke, right? But it can be a troubling relationship to observe as a parent who wants their little ones to remain healthy and active. It’s may be okay as an occasional treat, but when you’re concerned with looking after your kids’ teeth, their weight, and their attitude towards their diet, you don’t want to normalize Coca-Cola too much.

Thankfully, there are some surprising ways that you use up excess Coke before they get their hands on it – and when they see you using the fizzy black stuff to clean the toilet or remove dye from your hair (both of which are possible) the world’s favorite soda will soon lose its glamor.

That’s right – the acidic quality of Coca-Cola makes it ideal for a number of hardcore chores around the house, the garden, and even the garage. Seeing the effect of Coke on a rusty key (it cleans it) or skunk-sprayed pants (it gets rid of the smell) can make anyone think again about the effect that Coke is having on their own internal organs! And if you do decide to keep a bottle in the fridge for special occasions, it’s handy to know that it can help you out when the unexpected strikes. With a bottle of Coke handy, you need never worry about Googling for a 24-hour hardware store again. Whether you need to loosen a stiff bolt during some Sunday afternoon DIY or defrost your car windscreen at six in the morning, you’ll be glad you opted for that 1.75-liter bottle.

There are plenty of more pleasant things you can also do with Coke – recipes that you can spruce up, science experiments to make with the family. You can even feed some plants with it. In moderation, Coke can actually be a pleasant thing to have around. So be sure to check out this ace new infographic that describes 50 such exciting misuses of the ‘Real Thing’, and you needn’t feel so guilty next time you add it to your shopping basket.

50 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola

The infographic ’50 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola’ is courtesy of Varooma

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