Baby Smiles and Beyond: Can Parents Prevent Crooked Teeth?

Baby Smiles and Beyond : Can Parents Prevent Crooked Teeth

It would be great if every child grew up with a perfect set of teeth and a great natural smile, but the reality is somewhat different and many end up needing some sort of orthodontic treatment to set them on their way for the rest of their life. There is increasingly frequent use of Invisalign in NYC and other areas as it is a popular way of resolving some dental issues and creating a perfect smile but is there some way that parents can prevent crooked teeth in the first place?

The cause of crooked teeth

It is not unusual for children to have crooked teeth when they first appear, and the reason that infants start out having crooked teeth is very often down to genetics.

What tends to happen is that your child will be a combination of both parents’ genetic makeup, so your little boy or girl could inherit larger teeth from the father’s side and a smaller jaw from the mother, for example.

All of this means that the teeth are likely to start fighting for space in the mouth as they grow and that is a fundamental reason why your child could end up with crooked teeth.


There are plenty of children who have a habit of sucking their thumb and most dentists can instantly spot this habit when they see the child at their practice without even being told beforehand that they are a thumb-sucker.

The act of putting your thumb between the upper and lower teeth on a regular basis can quickly create misalignment. In addition to the crooked teeth that this can cause, it is a habit that can also lead to overcrowding if there is not enough room in the right spaces for new teeth to grow normally. Also, you might want to consider when to take your baby off of formula as a baby bottle may cause some damage as well.

How you breathe makes a difference to your teeth

If your child breathes mainly through their mouth, this is a characteristic that can definitely contribute to crooked teeth. If you need medical tips for your child or start noticing that his teeth are becoming crooked, be sure to drop by dentists like Cape Dentistry West Harwich for advice on what to do.

By breathing mainly through your mouth, your tongue will be forced downwards and the pressure from your cheeks cannot compensate accordingly. This means that with prolonged breathing through the mouth, your child’s upper teeth will eventually assume the shape of a triangle.


This term describes the periodical contraction of masticatory muscles while sleeping. If your child displays symptoms of bruxism, they will likely be gritting their teeth during sleep and might also get lockjaw. The cause of bruxism is widely attributed to stress, and chronic cases can lead to the destruction of teeth, severe headaches, and muscle pain.

A mouth guard is sometimes prescribed if your child displays symptoms of bruxism, and work will definitely have to be done to correct your child’s bite and straighten their teeth if they experience an episode of this condition in childhood.

Parents can take positive steps to try and reduce the prospect of their child getting crooked teeth by monitoring their behavior and habits so that remedial action can be taken as soon as possible and your child can enjoy a healthy smile.

Lastly, this dentist who does veneers in Charlotte NC recommends bringing your child to a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts so they can guide you through your child’s whole dental journey.

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