Introduce Fun Retro Toys to Your Kids Instead of Giving Gadgets

Introduce Fun Retro Toys to Your Kids Instead of Giving Gadgets from North Carolina LIfestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Nowadays, many children’s counselors spread the message of the use of gadgets and their dangerous impacts on kids. It doesn’t only impact the physical but also the mental health of a child. Here are some examples of the effects on a gadget for kids. That is why retro toys are so important.

Development Delay: Children, especially in their early age, need to develop their motoric movements. They need to activate their sensory, gross and motor skills through play. Giving gadgets for them is totally a big no, as they will be focused on sitting all day long staring at the screen for playing games or watching videos. When they stare at the screen for a long time, it also makes them having less communication with people. Eventually, it can cause speech delay and attention deficit.

Obesity: As a parent, giving gadgets might be the simplest choice to make your child sit nicely without making a mess at home or running around in the restaurant. Yes, most of the kids will sit nicely when they are having gadgets on their hands. However, as they spend time looking at the screen, we don’t realize that it takes a longer time to feed them. Besides that, sitting down for a long time without doing any physical activity might increase the risk of obesity in a child.

Radiation Exposure: Nowadays, many children below 5 years old have used glasses. This is one of the effects of using gadgets for kids. Screen radiation that reaches the kids’ eyes, because of looking at the screen for a long time, might harm their eye vision.

Dependency: Our purpose to give them gadgets to make them sit nicely, in the beginning, will be a big disaster as soon as they are hard to be separated from gadgets because they are already being too addicted to it.
There are several ways you can do to keep your children act as the prevention from gadget’s addiction. Introducing them to an outdoor hobby might be one of the best ways. Through sports, they can improve their physical health and distract them from gadgets. Throwback to the era when gadgets haven’t existed, you can introduce them to your childhood toys we’ve been grown up with as well. Unique gift ideas provide the cool retro toys that you can give to your children in order to increase their imagination and creativity.

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