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About a month ago, I posted how Papa Johns Pizza Made An Emotional Day Even Worse; I wanted to give you an update about how Papa Johns made it right. When I wrote the article, I made sure to include Papa John’s Twitter names when I promoted it on social media.

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I can honestly say that this article got lots of attention and a ton of retweets, which also got the attention of Papa Johns. I was contacted by a representative of Papa Johns through a direct message on Twitter, asking me about our experience and they sincerely apologized for the awful service that happened and they said they were going to make it right.

I will admit that I was a little skeptical as most big companies say they will make it right but never do. But Papa Johns did. Not only did they make it right they went above and beyond.

Since then we have ordered from the same place several times and our order has always been right and delivered within the time frame that was expected. The drivers were courteous, and the pizza was hot and yummy. Not room temperature and disgusting, like before.

Thank you, Papa Johns, for messaging me about my experience and by making sure that mistakes were corrected. I will admit that I was a little leary about ordering from Papa Johns after all the mistakes from the first order but I am glad that I decided to give them a second chance.

So tell me have you ever had an experience with a restaurant that after you complained the restaurant made right? Share your experiences so we know what companies stand by their word.


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  1. I remember that post and felt horrible for you. I’m glad Papa’s Johns reached out to you and made it right.

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