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How many of you have a favorite book? In that book, is there a favorite character that you can identify with? I love when I read a book and I get inspired by a character in a book. Whether it is there style or their creativity, people can take inspiration from what they are reading. Take for instance my favorite book series is written by Judy Serrano. The main character, Lilly, inspires me. She changes from an awkward teenager who is not sure where she belongs into a confident mother who is torn between two brothers because she is in love with both of them. Now I am not talking about taking inspiration in being in love with two men, that is not what I meant. But during the course of these events she evolves as a character and her fashion sense most certainly improved to the point that she learned that t-shirts and jeans are the not the only clothes out there available to wear. So if you are looking for inspiration look no further than your favorite book, you never know where your creativity will take you. Thinking outside of the box will garner you a look that will never go out of style.

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