Winter Family Fun

AFM winter family fun


Last week, we were house bound because our state was hit with a winter snow storm. Normally, North Carolina gets maybe a dusting of snow but last week we got about 5 inches. Schools were closed 4 days last week and the roads were horrible. Underneath the layers of snow was about an inch of ice. I know my readers from the Northern states are saying that’s nothing but when you are not used to getting that much white stuff, then it is difficult. I stayed in mainly because let’s face it, there are some crazy drivers in North Carolina. So being housebound for 4 days, the girls and I had to think about some things to do. Here is what we came up with.

Some of these activities can be done outside- like making a snow angel, sledding, building a snowman, a snowman building competition, and painting or writing in the snow. I think Gracie had the most fun with the outdoor activities. Just Angels Washing Their Hair shows just how much fun she had.

But of course the colder temperatures bought us inside to warmer indoor activities. We had a hot chocolate picnic in our living room. I did this a few years ago at a Christmas party and the kids loved it. Those snow days are also great days to catch up on all our recorded shows. Maddie started watching reruns of Veronica Mars, Mikaela had horror/scary flicks on, Gracie was all about Adventure Tim, and I watched back episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Our electronic devices were pretty busy. But we also sat down together to watch a collection of Nicholas Sparks Movies. We love his movies and the fact that he lives in North Carolina and most of his movies are filmed here is a big plus for me.

We also spent some of that time in the kitchen cooking together. There is nothing I love better than to be in the kitchen cooking and everybody pitching in to help. The heart of  my home is in my kitchen. We also read and worked on anything we needed to catch up on. Maddie caught up on her college work, Mikaela took that time to workout out on the treadmill and the bike, and I worked on articles and reviews that needed to get done.

I will have to say that I am glad that my girls had 4 days off with me. I enjoyed having them home but I was ready for them to go back to school.

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