Increase Your Odds of Pregnancy and Relish the Joy of Parenting

Increase Your Odds of Pregnancy and Relish the Joy of Parenting

A child is all that’s required to make your life meaningful and worth living. Some consider having kids to be a burden, while some long to have kids. If you and your spouse are keen on getting your first child but have trouble getting pregnant, it’s time you consult your physician and have some fertility tests done. It’s important for you and your spouse to have favorable conditions to get pregnant. There are almost 7 million American women who have difficulty getting pregnant. The reasons for your infertility can be many; but fortunately, there are a number of treatments out there – including egg and sperm donation – that can help you increase your odds of pregnancy.

Tips to relish the joy of parenting by increasing your chances at pregnancy while decreasing infertility concerns:

A Big “No” to Drugs and Alcohol


The consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs for women might be enjoyable, but it’s not a great choice for you and your family’s future.  The overuse of alcohol and drugs makes most women prone to ovulation disorder and endometriosis, meaning it will make them infertile. Smoking not only damages your cervix and fallopian tube, it even ages your ovaries and drains your egg supply.


Parenting is all about having a good understanding between you and your partner and the upbringing of your kids with good moral virtues. If you’re planning to have kids, it’s advisable that you stop the use of drugs and alcohol, which brings down the sperm count and increases the chances of infertility. It’s recommended that you stop the use of anabolic steroids that promote testicular atrophy and reduce sperm count.

The Younger and Healthier the Better

Years down the lane, would you be able to do the things that you do right now? Probably not. It’s recommended that you make the best use of the situation at hand. The younger you are, the better are your chances to conceive because fertility and other supporting factors decline with age.

Fertility tests and treatment are effective when you’re young because the quality and quantity of eggs decline as you get older.

It’s suggested that you have healthy food habits that don’t hinder your ovulation and improper egg development. Overweight or underweight might cease ovulation; it’s recommended that you exercise regularly to avoid these complications. However, care must be taken because excessive exercise can cause irregular periods or even cease your periods.

Most couples overlook the practice of safe sex; it’s recommended that you make sure both are free from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Chlamydia and gonorrhea and other STDs can limit or block sperm passage. The “future father” must take measures to have all the essential nutritional support and adequate physical exercise.

The Joy of Parenting

Your inability to give birth can bring down your morale; there are a lot of tips and treatments to help your increase your fertility and chances of pregnancy. Most people consider infertility to be a woman’s problem, while in reality the reasons for infertility are attributed to you and your spouse. However, it can just be a problem with one partner and needn’t necessarily be a problem applicable to both partners.

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