4 Simple Ways To Show Emotional Support to New Moms

4 Simple Ways To Show Emotional Support to New Moms

As beautiful as motherhood is, it’s no easy journey and comes with a learning curve for everyone. After delivering a baby, the new mom must learn to care for her newborn despite her exhaustion and fluctuating hormones. Luckily, she has you in her life. If one of your close friends or relatives recently had a baby, y’all may want to help in any way possible. Keep reading this article for simple ways to show emotional support to new moms. 

Find Out What She Needs

During stressful times, many people may say, “Tell me if you need anything.” While this comes from a good place, it isn’t always helpful. Some of us, me included, hate the thought of inconveniencing people. If y’all want to support your friend, ask her exactly what she needs assistance with.

You could also offer to do specific tasks such as grocery shopping, household chores, or making a meal for her household. When finding out which tasks she needs help with, you should also ask when she needs your assistance.

Plan Time Together

In the early days, motherhood becomes your entire world. As a result, your friend may put other relationships on the back burner as all her time and energy goes into caring for her little one. While natural, this can also leave her feeling isolated.

A wonderful way to show emotional support to new moms is to schedule time together. It may just be the three of you—her, the baby, and you—at her house, which is fine. What’s most important is you give her someone to talk to outside of her fellow household members.

Pro Tip

When planning time together, remember to respect her boundaries. For example, if your friend declines your invitation to hang out, that’s perfectly fine.

Buy Something Special

Many of us enjoy giving gifts to celebrate special moments, and this time is no different. There are all sorts of wonderful post-partum gifts that you can purchase. To make the gift extra special, consider what she and her little one could use. For instance, a plush blanket is a perfect gift because the new mom can use it to cover herself while nursing her newborn or to swaddle her baby.

Compliment Her

Imposter syndrome can kick in throughout motherhood, especially when she begins this journey. Remind your friend that she’s an amazing mom and doing a great job at navigating this chapter of life. Motherhood doesn’t come with a tell-all guidebook, and we all have doubts sometimes. By reminding her that she’s doing incredibly, you help bring peace of mind.

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