Generic Gifts Are Gone With The Wind

Generic Gifts Are Gone With The Wind from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When was the last time you received a candle, a calendar, or a set of matching pajamas? Hopefully, it was in 1999 from your Great Aunt Maude. Living in the age of the internet has raised expectations for gift-giving because you can find almost anything imaginable with the click of a button. Whether you are shopping for an animal lover, a Beatles fan, or your traveling cousin, there are no excuses for crappy gifts. So forget about getting off easy with a book and a gift card for your next gift. Simply type “unique gifts for” blank into your browser, and you will find so many perfect gifts that it is hard to choose.  

Gifts For Hobbyists

What may be trash to one person, maybe a treasure to another, depending on what that person values? For example, do you know a gardener extraordinaire? Most likely, he or she has a solid collection of tools and seeds, but search online, and you’ll find tons of items for them to add a special touch to the garden, like personalized stepping stones, garden signposts, garden sculptures, tea lights, and so much more! The same goes for builders, quilters, carpenters, and automobile collectors. Giving a hobbyist a gift that he or she does not already have can be a challenge, so go for something you don’t think they would buy themselves. Is your husband a fantasy football fanatic? Give him the gift of Fantasy Football trophies to give his league. Whatever the hobby, give a gift that adds value to the hobby or allows your friend to take that hobby in a direction he or she never imagined.

Gifts For Professionals

Buying a gift for a professional is both the easiest and hardest to give. Professional-themed gifts are the easiest because the options are narrowed down for you. They are the hardest because when it comes to their work, professionals can be particular about the things they use in the workplace. For instance, buying a professional briefcase is an excellent choice for anyone traveling for work, but be sure to take their unique preferences into consideration when choosing the materials and color. A great tip to remember when shopping for professionals is to go with the most durable, classic style. Take, for instance, a pilot friend of yours. He or she may own luggage tags, but they may not be the most durable. Give them the gift of a brand-new flight crew bag tag that looks great and is made to last. Or, for example, is your girlfriend a baker? She is sure to love a marble cake stand that she would never splurge on for herself.

Gifts For Adventure Enthusiasts

Shopping for adventurers is always hard because most travelers and nomad types don’t want “stuff.” The lighter the load the better. However, retailers make lightweight towels, flasks, mugs, socks, and more! There are so many options for tangible and practical gifts for travelers, but hands down, the best one for your adventure-enthusiast friends is the gift of an experience that they would not typically book themselves. Give the gift of a skydiving lesson or a two-night stay at a hotel in the city you know your friend will be traveling to in the coming year. Adventurers thrive off experience, so give them one they will never forget.

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