Roundup of Awesome Tips For Hosting a Party

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Roundup of Awesome Tips For Hosting A Party

The other day before my website blocked me ip address. (I know say what? That is a story for another day.) I started looking back through old posts on the blog and updating them. I realized that a good part of my older posts dealt with having a party. We are some partying folks around here. In fact,we are gearing up for have another one in a couple of weeks. Mikaela, my middle daughter, will be 18. {Wait how did I get old enough to be a mom of a 20 almost 21 year old, and 18 year old and a soon to be 14 year old. I refuse to get old}.

I realized that there is one party we have never thrown and that is a Kentucky  Derby Party. And this years it falls near Gracie’s birthday. So who know we just might have one. I think it is so cool how everyone dresses up in their Sunday finest to enjoy the race. {Frugal Tip Here – Here is another way to get more wear out of your Easter outfit that you spent a ton of money on.)

And the hats- although I am not one to wear hats I think this would be the one day that I might just put one on my head.

With that said, does the thought of throwing a party send you into a panic? Don’t worry check out the roundup I have created from older blog posts.

time saving tips

Time Saving Party Tips

Let’s face it when we plan an event we want everything to run smoothly and somehow we end up losing track of time. This is a major stressor. With these tips you don’t need to worry.

6 FunBut FrugalParty Tips

6 Fun But Frugal Party Ideas

Covers everything from food to  favors.

frugal party host tips

Tips and Tricks for the Frugal Party Host 

This handy guide will get you through everything from figuring out a theme to what music to play.

Tips for ThrowingA Great Party

Tips for Throwing A Great Party 

Has some great money saving tips.

And if you are a beginner you will want to check out Hosting Tips for Beginners. And I know this post is about New Year’s Eve but it can be applied to any event.

Even if you don’t plan on having a Kentucky Derby Party or if you live in another country as well, you can still take part in Aintree Ladies Day betting 2016.

So tell me do these party tips help you feel less anxious about hosting? I hope I have helped you out some.

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