9 Fun Family Activities to Celebrate Father’s Day

9 Fun Family Activities to Celebrate Father's Day

Father’s Day is the time to celebrate Dad and all the amazing things he does throughout the year, whether he works, travels, or stays at home. Make sure that he feels the appreciation he deserves through these fun activities, and give him the best Father’s Day yet.

Backyard Camping

It is a no-hassle way to spend an outdoor evening with the head of the household. No long traveling and spending money on campgrounds, gas, or large amounts of food for a whole weekend. It is as simple as pitching a tent in the backyard, cooking smores, and sleeping under the stars from the comfort of your own property. This is a great way to spend time with Dad without having to plan large and cumbersome trips, and it will cost far less.

Fishing Trip

Fathers need a rest from their hard work, so a day out by the lake catching fish is a fun way to celebrate. Whether on a boat or sitting in foldable chairs, whether at the lake or a marina or even at the local park (if fishing is legally permissible at said locations), this is a great way to relax and chat with a father on their special day. Enjoy the stillness of nature and the old-fashioned fun of catching and releasing fish with Dad.

Turn The Yard Into A Mini Golf Course

Bring one of Dad’s favorite hobbies to the backyard by turning it into a mini-golf course where the whole family can play a round of golf. This requires a little pre-planning because you’ll need to get a child’s mini-golf set for the yard or at least a putting green or two to set up with some golf balls for play.

Backyard Movie Night

Go back behind the house and throw a white sheet up on the wall, and there you have your own big screen for a big movie night. A simple projector and Dad’s favorite movie is a great way to spend time outdoors with him. Cook popcorn, eat some candies, hang some lights, and enjoy the cool night air while the family can sit back, relax, and bond over a movie while celebrating Father’s Day.

Hike and Picnic

If mountain trails are too strenuous or too far away, check your local parks for fun hiking trails that your family can traverse together. Pack Dad a picnic and have lunch or dinner on the trail, enjoying the scenery and the sun as you lay a blanket out and enjoy a meal together. Be sure to pack delicious trail mix for the hike, and maybe even sing Dad’s favorite camp songs as you find the perfect spot to rest and dine.


Take Dad to a bowling alley and set up shop on one or two of the lanes. He’ll have a great time aiming for the pins and playing friendly rounds of bowling with the family. Challenge him on the lane and in the arcade games, and round the evening off with hot dogs and burgers between frames. He is guaranteed to have a wonderful Father’s Day with a strike or two in his pockets and his family surrounding him.

And if you can, also add the gift of a bowling arm sleeve to this day out with Dad. It is an innovative product that enhances the arm swing, increases arm speed, and maximizes bowling potential. It is a way to enhance bowling performance.

Grill Out

Dad may want to go out back and fire up the grill and cook juicy burgers and hotdogs for the whole family. Dinner preparation is good family work, and Dad gets to show off his grilling abilities. Have a picnic in the backyard and enjoy the warm summer evenings over your freshly cooked foods. A yummy dinner hits just the spot for Father’s Day.

Museum Visits

Take Dad and the rest of the family to a local or nearby museum. Art, history, science, whatever subject Dad loves most. This is great fun for the whole family, and Dad will get to explore his favorite subjects and learn alongside the rest of his family. It will be a trip to love and cherish for a long time.

A Day at a Theme Park

A day off of work with the thrill of the wind in his face and riding at top speeds on roller coasters for the day is another spectacular way to celebrate Father’s Day. The rush, excitement, and fun of theme parks may be just the things he needs and is a great way to spend time with the family. If there’s a large group of you, you may want to consider hiring a minibus to get to your closest theme park. Simply search “minibus hire Leeds” or a similar term depending on your location to find a suitable minibus company in your area. They’ll be able to take you wherever you need to go, whether that’s the airport to get to Disneyland or a more local theme park near you. Share memories of large roller coasters and smaller amusement rides, and definitely take pictures. Even waiting in line is a great way to maximize personal time with Dad, and to talk and bond in between rides.

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