Tips for Moving With Children

Whether you’re moving to a new city or a new apartment down the street, relocating with a family is usually tough. Follow these five tips for moving with children to make the experience a little easier for you and your kids.

Have the Kids Pack Their Rooms

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If your kids are old enough to help, then have them pack small items in their rooms. Giving them something to do will keep them busy and out of your way while you pack other rooms. Plus, having them pack clothing, stuffed animals, and toys will save you time.

Since there are some potential dangers involved, make sure you lay down some ground rules. Also, only ask the kids to help if they are really ready for it. A five-year-old might have the ability to put away stuffed animals, but you probably don’t want him or her packing something complicated like a fish tank.

Find a Great Place for Your Family to Live

Before you move, you need to find a great place for your family to live. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. While there are plenty of amazing apartments in Houston, not all of them will match your unique needs. This makes it important for you to consider some important features before deciding which place is right for you.

There are several questions you should ask, such as:

  • Does the apartment have enough bedrooms for you and your children?
  • Does the building offer security features to keep your family safe?
  • Is the apartment located in a safe part of town?
  • Is the apartment near expressways or public transit stations to make commutes easier?
  • Does the building allow pets?
  • Is the building located near parks or other areas where your kids can play?

Some of these questions might matter more to you than others. Just make sure you find a place that fits your family’s priorities.

Help Your Kids Focus on the Positive Aspects of Moving

Relocating to a new home often seems exciting to children until moving day arrives. Then, they suddenly realize that they’re leaving behind everything they’ve known. Some kids will feel anxious even if you’re just moving to another neighborhood in the same town.

You can ease your kids’ anxiety by helping them emotionally prepare for the move. If possible, take them to the new home and show them all of the things that they will get to enjoy there. Focus on positive aspects like nearby parks, pools, and friends. Ask your kids to describe what they will do in these fun places so they will picture themselves having a good time in the new neighborhood.

Throw a Going Away Party

If your children have a lot of friends near your old home, you may want to host a going away party to get them together. This provides an opportunity for them to say “goodbye” to each other. Plus, entertainment will keep them distracted from negative thoughts.

Remind your kids that moving doesn’t mean that their friendships will end. They can still visit occasionally and talk on the phone. They just won’t get to spend as much time together as they have in the past.

Learn About Your New Area’s Schools

Depending on how far you move, your kids may need to attend a different school. Contact the local school board or area private schools to learn more about your options. Even some public schools have waiting lists, which means it could take several weeks or months to enroll your kids in certain programs. The sooner you start exploring your options and filling out applications, the sooner you will know your children will get a good education.

Moving is often difficult, but you can make the transition easier by planning ahead and making smart decisions. As long as you take the right approach, your kids might even look forward to living in a new place.

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