How to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Getaway

How to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Getaway from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It’s a fast-paced world. With careers to develop, children to raise, and a home to maintain, many couples find that by the end of the day their minds are too overwhelmed and their bodies too overworked to make time for romance. Yet, having some romance in their relationship helps keep the bond strong. If you’re struggling to make intimate time for your spouse during the week, here are some tips that might help get you both in the mood. It all starts with customizing your bedroom as a space for just the two of you. 

1. The Lighting

While every room needs a ceiling light, don’t rely on it for all your lighting. In fact, get in the habit of rarely using it. Instead, strategically place some low wattage lamps around the room, or even opt for wall sconces. Whereas your ceiling light is harsh and makes you feel you need to be doing something, like reading or painting your toenails, the ambient lighting softens your view of your bedroom world and each other. 

2. The Fabrics

romantic bedroom doesn’t require that you choose frilly, fluffy, and feminine fabrics. The fabrics should stimulate your sense of touch. Think about silky and satin fabrics, or soft crisp cotton, all of which feel cool and clean against the skin. Colors don’t matter as much, but choosing soft hues can make it feel a bit more dreamy and luxurious. For draperies, add accents of organdy, tulle, or lace for sheer elegance. 

3. The Clutter

Nothing can kill the mood for romance faster than clutter. When you see clutter, you may feel a bit stressed and either feel guilty for not cleaning it or you choose to clean instead of going to bed. The rule in the bedroom should be to not allow clutter to happen in the first place.

Don’t allow clothes to pile on the floor and get in the habit of making the bed every morning. That way, when you’re ready to call it a night, everything is ready for you and you don’t have to take that extra ten minutes putting things away when all you want is to get between the sheets. Find something more fun to do with that extra ten minutes instead. 

4. The Smell

Your bedroom should smell delicious. Some scents have the ability to put you in the mood for romance more than others. Some powerful scent combinations include white ginger and yiang, wisteria and jasmine, and lotus flower and jasmine.

Choose several scent combinations you both like and change it up every week. Candles are dangerous in the bedroom, so choose a safer alternative such as an essential oil diffuser, incense, or potpourri.

If your room needs refreshing, spray the walls with vinegar and wipe them down. This will get rid of old room smells, and don’t worry, the vinegar smell quickly dissipates. 

5. The Elegant Touches

Add some small romantic and elegant touches. After all, your room needs to have a bit of character and not simply be the bed and chest of drawers. Think of a romantic style, such as a French country bedroom, and add wall art, lighting, pillows, and seating in that style. Your room will really come into the private retreat and getaway feel that you’re after. 

For many couples, the end of the day is their only opportunity for time alone together. Life can get hectic, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to let the romance die. The personality of your room can help set the tone for the end of every day. Once you’ve achieved that perfect getaway, enjoy it. 

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