Lighting Options for a Home

Lighting Options for a Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Lighting in our homes is essential. However, some lighting fixtures are more suitable for certain rooms than others. This is because every room in a house serves a different purpose. Some rooms need to be well-lit, whereas others can suffice with minimal lighting. For example, the kitchen is a room in the home that needs to be well-lit, whereas a home office or study may rely on natural light to brighten it as it’s only used in the daytime. Lighting choices in each room should reflect the space and its use. This ensures the right lighting is chosen for the room.

Wall-mounted lights

Wall-mounted lights are ideal for rooms in the home that need a light that’s not too bright. Most of the time, wall lights are dimmable anyway, meaning the brightness can vary, but they’re primarily used in rooms or spaces that aren’t concerned with vast amounts of light. This often includes living rooms, lounge areas, and hallways. As the wall lights are mounted to the wall, they don’t take up floor space, which is ideal for placing furniture. They’re also great for smaller rooms too, like bathrooms. Wall-mounted lights are usually curved or pretty slim when protruding from the wall, although there are some chunkier ones available. This is so that the lights don’t take up too much wall space. 

For a more modern approach, neon wall lights are a popular choice for many homeowners. These wall-mounted lights are ideal when creating a vibrant space with an edgy feel to it. Most neon signs are pretty simple in terms of design, and these designs make the most significant impact. Plus, there are some pretty cool designs made by Neon Mama! When a design is too complicated, it can become a little distracting which isn’t ideal, so straightforward and impactful is the way to go! Signs can come in an array of designs and colors, or they can be customized if a room has a particular theme.

Ceiling lights 

Most rooms will have a ceiling light. This light provides light for the whole room. Some rooms may need a ceiling light that can provide an abundance of light; other rooms can manage with whatever. Kitchens ideally need a lot of light, and one ceiling light might not do the trick. In a kitchen and sometimes a dining area, spotlights and Astro ceiling lights are the best. This means light can easily meet all four corners of the room, and those cooking or eating can easily see what they’re doing. Spotlights are also an ideal lighting option for closets and dressing rooms too—ideally, any room where someone needs to see exactly what they’re doing. Single-ceiling lights can be used in any other room.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are ideal for adding drama to a room. They can easily create a statement as well as brighten a space. Most homeowners don’t realize, but floor lamps can strongly affect a room’s mood and overall style. Oversized lighting options are ideal for bigger rooms and open-plan spaces, but they are also becoming more present in smaller rooms as a focal feature. Floor lamps are usually quite big anyway, but it seems to be that bigger is better nowadays. These lamps are great for bedrooms, especially when it’s time to settle down, as well as living spaces and dining areas. The drama of a floor lamp can easily create the desired ambiance for these rooms. 

Another thing to consider when choosing lighting is the bulbs used. LED bulbs often provide brighter and more white light, whereas energy-saving bulbs can vary. Some bulbs can also have a colored tint, making them easier on the eyes.

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