How Not To Sell A Car

How Not To sell A car

We have recently been shopping for a new car —well, not new, but new to us. I have come to the conclusion that there are a few car dealers out there who really don’t want to sell a car. I didn’t think that was possible, did you? I bet you think that all salespeople are alike, and they all want to sell you something. But folks, there are some that aren’t. So here are a few ways to NOT sell a car.

  • Pass prospective customers in the lot and never ask if they need help.
  • Wait until said customer comes into the sales office and then ignore them once again.
  • Make the customer ask to see a car. Then, hand them the keys and then walk away, not offering any details.
  • The customer then goes to the lot to look inside the car. Once again, pass the customer on the lot and don’t offer to help.
  • The final test: The customer places the key into the ignition, expecting to hear the engine’s purr. Now, wait for it ………………………………………………………………………………….. NOTHING!!!!! Dead Silence. That’s right. It didn’t even start. Yes, if you don’t want to sell a car, make sure it won’t start.

Folks, this actually happened to my husband and me at Inline Motors. We were passed by at least 10 times by several different employees. They couldn’t even take the time to say someone would be right with you. And it wasn’t because they were understaffed—there were tons of workers that day. But the kicker was the car not starting. And it was too bad because it was one I have had on my radar for quite a while—a Saturn Outlook.

This is in total contrast to another lot we went to, where the salesman came out to the lot to discuss what we were looking for and offered to let us look at a car that was on the lot but hadn’t been put up for sale yet.

So let me sum it up for you. Here are the ways not to sell a car.

  1. Ignore the customer.
  2. Ignore the customer again.
  3. Make the customer ask again for help.
  4. Make sure the car doesn’t start.

This car lot lost out on a sale. Check back in tomorrow to see what happened the same day on another lot and why they were able to sell us one.

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