Consider Safety When Buying A Car


Consider Safety


When we made the decision to make the purchase of a new car, we thought a lot about the kind of car we would like. There were three cars on our radar so to speak: a Saturn Outlook, a GMC Acadia and a Chevy Traverse. Why did we look at bigger vehicles? Because it is what we needed. You see we have been driving a Saturn Vue for years but there wasn’t enough room for anyone else but our family. We always ended up taking at least one extra car if not more if we were going someplace because the girls always wanted to invite their friends to go places with us.

Another reason is the fact that these cars sit up higher than most cars and they tend to have less damage when in an accident. Take for example what happened when my oldest daughter was 9 months old. We stopped for a school bus, however the guy behind us driving the mustang didn’t and he plowed right into the back of our S10 Blazer. His car was totaled our blazer had about $2000 worth of damage. And most of the expense was to fix the lift gate as the impact to our car jammed it so we couldn’t open it.

I have always told my girls when they started driving that nowadays you have to worry more about the other drivers around you than your actual driving.

We also took into account the safety tests for these three vehicles as well. Besides after the accident last year, and having to get an attorney , safety was one of my top concerns. We ended up with an Acadia and absolutely love it. So tell me do you take in count the safety tests when you buy a new car. Do you research what car you want to buy or do you just buy what you like?

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