#TMobile Makes Me Want To Scream

If you have been following me on facebook today, I am and have been dealing with a trying to unlock an iphone to use with my cell phone carrier, Tmobile. Let me just preface this we have been with TMobile for years and before that Suncom but I have never been more ashamed to be associated with a company than I am right now. I contacted them for help to unlock the iphone knowing that in the past they have been able to unlock phones before. Then while I had them there I decided to question the bill because we did not have a redesign our contract until the salesperson at the tmobile store talked us into a cheaper contract yea right not. Read the script of the online chat I had with one of their customer service reps. Yep I screen shot everything and I will be taking it down to TMobile this week and I will send it to their corporate people as well. I have never been more shafted by a company than I have this one.

Chat Transcript

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…

You have been connected to %Leonil C.

Melissa : A friend gave me their apple 3g iphone and I need to enable it to work with T mobile what do I need to do?

Melissa : are you there

%Leonil C: Hi Melissa , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m %Leonil and I will be happy to assist you. Is and Unlocked Iphone?

Melissa : how can I tell if it is or not

%Leonil C: If you put the T-mobile SIM card in, the services should work. But if its giving you SIM card errors or if its asking for an Unlock code, you need to contact the original carrier to Unlock it. Is your friend using T-mobile?

Melissa : no it was at&t it is not unlocked can tmobile contact the carrier for me to get the code??

%Leonil C: Unfortunately no. Your friend is the one who needs to contact AT&T if the phone is under his name. Can you ask him to contact AT&T in your behalf?

Melissa : the phone has not been used in a long time

%Leonil C: That’s fine. If he bought it from AT&T, then they should have it on their records. Unfortunately that is our only options to get the phone unlocked.

Melissa : what if it was bought online??

Melissa : what if it was bought online through ebay

%Leonil C: Unfortunately, T-mobile does not unlock Iphones. And I don’t think its even legal. If that’s the case, please contact Apple.

( I was contacting Apple during this Chat . SO Info was Wrong there!!!! I also know that have done it before with my daughter’s phone)

Melissa : I thought that tmobile sent a request and that then I would get an email with the unlock code. We have done it that way before when my daughter had to switch her phone

%Leonil C: That’s if you want to unlock phone you got from T-mobile. We will process the Unlock Request if the phone is from us. But if its from AT&T, its the other way around.

Melissa : it wasn’t like that it was from another company

%Leonil C: Okay. If the phone is supported then yes, for some extent. But unfortunately, we do not unlock Iphones Melissa. Sorry.

%Leonil C: Iphones are exclusive for AT&T.Most of the time, that’s the main reason why people chooses AT&T. If we unlock it, its like stealing Iphones from them. Please understand. Anything else for now?

%Leonil C: Are you there?

Melissa : then what is the number to At&t I called Apple and they said they can not do it

%Leonil C: Here’s the number for AT&T customer service. 1-800-331-0500 -it would be better to ask your friend to contact them though, because the phone is under his/her name.

%Leonil C: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?

Melissa : but if it was bought through ebay

%Leonil C: If you bought it from E-bay. Chances are, they will inform you if its unlocked before selling it.

%Leonil C: You can ask the seller to get it unlocked.

Melissa : right now i am fed up with tmobile

(Fed UP was a nice word )

%Leonil C: I understand. Sorry Melissa, but we cannot unlock your Iphone.

%Leonil C: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?

Melissa : yes can you tell me why our bill is almost $200 a month when we reupped they said that it would be around $160.00 a month

%Leonil C: Let me check on it.

%Leonil C: I checked on the current bill you have. And I can see here hat there is a Sevice Waranty Fee for $5 and there was a Pay per use Usage charge of $1.99. Aside from those, the charges are the normal rates.

Melissa: but we were told that the bill would be $160 not almost $200 and we have not had a bill since we reupped with that amount on it . How much longer on our contract because this is ridiculous

%Leonil C: I understand. The contract will expire in 02/18/2014 for all lines.

Melissa: so basically we were lied to and reupped and now we are stuck with this plan until 2014

%Leonil C: That’s right


Melissa : so your company lies to people to get them to reup is that what you are saying????

%Leonil C: I didn’t say that.

Melissa : you agreed with me

Melissa : why are we charged for unlimited minutes???

Melissa : it is supposed to be part of our plan

Melissa : are you still there ?

%Leonil C: Yes. I’m reviewing your account

Melissa : okay

%Leonil C: What you have now is Unlmited Famimy Talk for $69.98. This is actually your rateplan

(Loved his spelling)

Melissa : we were billed $79.98 for that

Melissa : and then billed $20 for unlimited minutes

%Leonil C: Yes. + the $30 Data Plan on the lines. and the $7.99 for your insurance.

Melissa : no we were not supposed to have the data plan for 3 lines only one line the 9193446189 line

Melissa : then why are we charged the data charges in the next section

%Leonil C: If you purchased a Smartphone with a discounted price, you will be required to keep a Data Feature Melissa. You can check your online account at www.t-mobile.com to see the servies and features you have. That way, you can review it.

( I also know I was told that unless you activated a data plan that you would pay as you use also if you do not use it you do not have to pay)

Melissa : i did any that is why I am bringing it up

%Leonil C: Okay.

Melissa : but why are we charged $79.98 when you said we had unlimited family for $69.98

Melissa : Under the first section of the bill we have unlimited family but then are charged $20 and $20 under unlimited minutes. Doesn’t that fall under unlimited family

%Leonil C: Let me check on that.

Melissa : okay

%Leonil C: Thanks

%Leonil C: Your Rateplan Value Unlimited Talk and Text for $69.98 is only covered for the first 2 lines. Those were 6189 and 6192. After the first 2, the following lines will not be covered by Unlimited. It will just have 500 minutes. But, if you want to add Unlimited Minutes on those lines, you need to add $20. And that is what those charges were for.

Melissa : we actually were paying a cheaper rate before we reupped the tmobile rep said that it would be cheaper for unlimited talk

Melissa : because 200 a month is ridiculous what would you suggest

%Leonil C: I understand. You do have options to lower the bill by removing Features.

Melissa : what features

%Leonil C: Well I cannot tell you what you “Should” remove. Because these features were added by you. Just remove the one you need don’t think you would be using.

Melissa: why are we still charged the $5 for add the line

%Leonil C: That’s because its the 3rd and 4th line. Any lines after the 2nd will have the “Add a Line” charge.

Melissa : okay so how much is it going to cost us to get out of this contract because there are other companies that are cheaper

%Leonil C: The lines are still in contract. The Early Termination Fee is $200.

(Which by the way we did not have a contract until we were told our bill would be cheaper)

Melissa : so basically we can’t switch after the bill was not as was promised to us. We did not add lines or switch features when we reupped and they said it would be cheaper to have it this way basically we were taken

%Leonil C: I understand. The bill can still be lowered Melissa. You just have to remove Feature that you don’t need from the lines.

Melissa : but we never added features to the lines are plan was the same forever and then we were talked into this new plan so supposedly save us money and yet guess what it didn’t. I am not happy about this why would we agree to pay almost $200 a month for phones I don’t think so

%Leonil C: Okay.

Melissa : We have been with T-mobile forever and before that Suncom and I have never been more upset with a company than I am right now

Melissa : if you count all total over 11 years

%Leonil C: I understand, this can still be fixed Melissa. We just have to remove some Features.

%Leonil C: I understand and I would like to thank you for being a loyal customer to us.

(And how does he thank me by of course ending the chat. Is that how they value loyal customers. I hate to think what they do with other customers who are not as loyal.)

%Leonil C: But for now, this is our only option

Thank you for using our online help. You may now close this window.

Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Seriously is this how they deal with customers lie to get them to sign a contract and then not deliver what they promised. I am beyond upset about that. The only reason we have the phones is so that we can get up with each other in emergency. We got the first 2 phones when I was pregnant with Gracie and I was in an accident and I could not get up with Raul.That weekend we went out and got cell phones for each other vowing to never be out of touch again. But lately TMobile’s service has sucked This is just the last in the many incidents with t mobile. We have unlimited text as well but we have noticed that they would charge when noone was even using their phones. UGH I would love to hear if you have had a similiar run in with a company and what you did about it.

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  1. Reading this makes me laugh. The original carrier has to unlock the device… the agent did not tell you anything wrong in regards to the iPhone. I unlock devices, and if you get an att device, including an iPhone it is the responsibility of the customer to unlock the device.

    If you buy a phone on eBay, just make sure it’s unlocked when purchasing. Technically any gsm provider just has to offer you service. If you buy your own device, the expectation is you’re on your own.

    As far as the rate plan…. You have to be very careful. Wireless companies (this means not just T-Mobile) are looking to raise their average revenue per user, so if you don’t get out in writing, there is the potential you can be bamboozled. Sorry that happened to you.

  2. Nice post, just found your blog on my travels around the Internet. Definitely will come back.

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