Get Involved Join The Red Sand Project

Today is International Women’s Day. In honor of this day, I wanted to highlight an organization that fights for everyone but especially for women.

Get Involved Join the #RedSandProject

A few weeks ago I shared with about the End It Movement; it was a day when people sported a red x on their hands and posted selfies to stop human trafficking.

red x end human trafficking

It is a cause that I think not one person can disagree with it. That is why I was so excited to team up with Molly from the #RedSandProject for this post.

Did you know that today 36 million people live as slaves? That is a shocking statistic I know, but it is true. Most of these people come from overlooked populations – refugees, immigrants, girls and more. People are more at risk now of being enslaved, spending their lives being exploited for profits. And this needs to end now.

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How can we make it stop? First by supporting causes that want to end human trafficking. One of these causes is the #RedSandProject.

What is this project you ask? It is a symbol that we can’t merely walk over the people in our communities that fall through the cracks. It is taking the time to find and fill a Sidewalk crack with red sand and sharing it on social media with the #RedSandProject.


I went a little further with my red sand crack. Yes, I found a crack and filled it with sand, but I also enlisted the help of my friend Courtney at Coco Darlings as well. I mean what better spokespeople for an amazing cause then princesses. Just check out these Snow Sisters getting into the act.

snow sisters Red sand project

If you want to know more about the #RedSandProject, check out their website.

red sand project

And while you are there request a free red sand toolkit. Let’s end Human Trafficking now and fill those sidewalk cracks with red sand so nobody is falling through the cracks. So tell me are you going to get involved? When we work together, we can make a difference.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting project. I didn’t realize that there were that many slaves still existing in our world today. I thought we were done with that issue.

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