Giving Back: Dressember and Molly From Still Being Molly

Today I am bringing you another way that you can give back. I am very privileged to call Molly, a dear friend. Her heart for human kindness is big and I can’t think of another campaign to focus on than human trafficking. Read how you can help raise awareness and stop human trafficking. 

Giving Back Dressember by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Can you imagine wearing a dress every day in December and that would include the time you work out? I have a hard time wearing one once a week, so I can’t imagine wearing on every day. Although it doesn’t get as cold here in North Carolina like some other states, it still can get chilly.  So I can’t even imagine, but that is precisely what my friend Molly from Still Being Molly is going to do this December. Why do you ask? Because she is taking part in Dressember, not sure what that is well read on and it will all become clear. 

Giving Back Dressember profiling Molly from Still Being Molly by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
Photo Credit Still Being Molly

Dressember is a movement and fundraising campaign that encourages women to wear a dress every day throughout the month of December  (and men to wear a tie or suspenders!) to bring awareness and raise money for International Justice Mission (IJM) and the A21 campaign – two amazing organizations that are fighting to end human trafficking. And anyone that knows Molly knows how passionate she is about stopping human trafficking. 

Giving Back Dressember profiling Molly from Still Being Molly by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
Photo Credit Still Being Molly

I will admit that until I met Molly, I thought that human trafficking was something that you only see in the movies. But after getting to know Molly and learning about the organizations she is involved with has made me more aware of this black spot on humanity. 

Once I heard about Molly’s involvement in Dressember, I knew I had to get involved- one was through a donation, and another was through writing and sharing this cause with you my readers. Molly has been someone that I really admire, and we share a common bond both losing our parents (her mom and my dad) to Agent Orange. I, fortunately, had my dad with me for most of my life but Molly lost her mom during her teenage years. Which is one of the reasons why I think Molly is so passionate about the cause? ( Helping her raise awareness about the cause is another one way for me to honor the legacy that my dad left.) Most of the people that are sold into human trafficking are those who don’t have parents or a parent who can’t support them. Sadly, some are sold into this horrible ordeal by their family members so that they can make a little money to support the rest of the family. It’s sad I know, but that is a reason to get involved. 

Giving Back Dressember profiling Molly from Still Being Molly by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
Photo Credit Still Being Molly

When I asked Molly why she got involved with Dressember specifically, this is what she had to say. “I have been passionate about fighting human trafficking since I first really learned about it in 2011. I have served with different organizations in various capacities through awareness, education, and volunteer work… but this year I knew that I wanted to do something more. So I decided to register to be a Dressember advocate and raise enough money to rescue a person from human trafficking.” 

I even asked her about working out in a dress. And she said something that I entirely would not have thought about, but it didn’t surprise me.  I also asked Molly if she considered working out in a dress would be easy or hard. Read her reply

I think it will be hard to work out in a dress, for sure… but it PAILS in comparison to what people all over the world are struggling with. If someone asks me, “WHY are you working out in a dress?” I will use that to spur conversation and hopefully help people realize what is going on in this world.  – Molly Stillman

I mean honestly folks I never would have thought about it as being a conversation starter. Interested in how you can help Molly raise her goal? Just read what she has to say, “Two main ways – 1. Through donations. You can donate here (ANY amount helps! Really!) and 2. Prayer! Please pray that the funds would be raised, God would be glorified, and that lives would be rescued through these efforts. I believe in my heart of hearts we can see an end to human trafficking in our lifetime… we just have to stand together to do the work to end it.”

So in this season of giving let’s open our hearts and give through Dressember to raise awareness of human trafficking and to put a stop to it. 

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  1. Such a great cause! And something that happens even here – in our country and our cities – not just something that happens in other parts of the world. Molly is a great advocate for people in these situations and I am thankful to you for also sharing the word about this!

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