Frugal Centerpiece

I have a Magnolia tree in my backyard. It is one my mom and dad gave to us years ago. Yesterday I cut this blossom off of it and floated it in a bowl of water. Viola Centerpiece for the table. The expense of this centerpiece nothing.  Those are the best kind.

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  1. Very beautiful! I love magnolias. We have a variety lining our long driveway that the original owners planted. Sadly they never bloom as they don't get enough sunlight.

  2. They are one of my favorites too. I had to fight a huge battle with Raul when we moved because he did not want to dig up the tree. It was still a little one then. But in the end I got him to do it. Now everytime he looks at that tree he says how pretty it is and I get to rub it in a little bit LOL

  3. Magnolias are my favorite! Unfortunately, they just don't do well in this part of Texas! It is way too hot and dry for them! But I love going down south to see them!

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