Beach Houses

Have you ever noticed how outrageous the colors are on beach houses??? I love the colors but can you imagine the looks you would get if you painted  your house lime green or bright turquoise in a sea of white and brick. I wonder how many of your neighbors would complain or ask you to change your paint color. That is one of the reasons I love the beach the colors of the houses are so outrageous that it reminds me of the houses in Mexico. Here are some outrageous beach house pictures for you to enjoy.

The next one is the same house but 2 different views.
I love this house.

and just to show you how outrageous the colors are in Mexico
here is a shot you can see the house in the background is peach.
So which is your favorite color?
Which house would you want?
What color are you gonna paint your house?
How do you think you neighbors would react??

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  1. i love them all. love all the color. wish i was staying in one right now.

  2. These are gorgeous, but I just don't think the colors would work as well in our small town! 🙂 I think the dark blue is my favorite!

  3. Oh so pretty! I think I'd be too nervous to live on the beach because of hurricanes, but I'd live on the side of a mountain in Hawaii, just a mile or two uphill from a beach! LOL. Stumbled you.

  4. LOL I guess I don't go to the beach so I haven't noticed. I guess the colors are happy and bright colors! People are on vacation and want to relax and have fun!

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