Best Laid Plans

Okay here is what I thought my day would be like. I thought after taking Maddie to school I would be able to come home and catch up on some posts, emails, schedule the contests to run this week and so forth and so on. But what is that saying “Tell God your plans and He will give you His.” Well guess what He sure did give me His this morning. My blog went totally haywire on me this morning. I ended up reloading the blog format and after so many tries of doing that, I was in tears. So I asked for help and the Angels who are in my blogging group came to my rescue. They gave me suggestions to what might have happened. And what I have been stressing about all morning was a easy fix. It ended having to go into the rafflecopter form save it in draft and then publish again. Then it was done. Now I know that is one thing to check before I make more work for myself. I have finally got the blog back to almost the way I had it before. I am going to keep the fonts for now and see how I like them. The colors I may change still not sure about that one. But today I became humbled and realized we all need people to help us in this journey we call life. Sometimes those that say will help won’t but that doesn’t mean that everyone out there won’t help. You just have to close the door on one opportunity to let another arise. When Opportunity knocks listen.

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