From Confusion to Clarity


Just the other day I was reading my favorite blogger’s blog.This particular blogger is one that I feel that God gave me this gift blog as a gift. I have mentioned this blogger Deanna from Everything and Nothing From Essex before now. Everything she writes I somehow can connect with but this one blog post she wrote Strange and Mysterious Gifts hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow was all I could say. I copied and pasted some of her quotes for blog posts thoughts. And one was from confusion to clarity. 

I will admit that during this year I was confused. Confused about who I was with two of my girls leaving the nest and Gracie will not be that far behind them. Confused as to who I could trust with my innermost secrets and confused on who were my real friends. And by real friends ones that not only accept me for who I am and not then send gentle reminders that even though they love me that some things need to change. Not friends who drop you like you were a hot potato.

In this post, Deanna goes one to say that were her failures just a gift from God showing her another way. And got me thinking sure I mourn the loss of good friends but it also got me thinking that God put people in our lives to help us to become better people. I gave these particular friendships over to God and told him that he wanted them in my life then I know He and He alone would make way for them to be repaired. And that is where my confusion led to my clarity. By letting go and letting God, I let go of a huge bundle I had been carrying around on my back, my heart and in my soul. Instead of being bitter and feeling used, I decided that I would strive to become a better person and rely on Faith whereas before I would just rely on my human emotions, And anyone that has ever relied on that knows that isn’t always a good thing. 

I know that God put that particular post in my reading to work along with all that I had been learning with the Proverbs 31 Ministries study of Max Lucado’s Anxious For Nothing. All I can say is that the Lord does work in mysterious ways, but it isn’t any coincidence. 

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