Why You Should Get Stuck In The Middle With Your Midwife

The moment you find out you’re pregnant, you need to contact a midwife. By ten weeks into your pregnancy, you should be meeting them for something called a ‘booking appointment.’ This is where they’ll check things like family history and blood levels. It’s also the all-important first time that the two of you will meet.

Some women approach this appointment as they would any other medical check. They don’t take time to get to know their midwife now, or at any other stage. But, this is often a fatal mistake. Midwives are much more than just ‘another medical practitioner.’ They’re the individuals who will be with you from your booking appointment to after your birth. You could say that developing a decent relationship here is essential, and here’s why.

You’ll feel more able to ask questions

During your pregnancy, you’re going to come up with a new list of questions each day. Every new symptom will lead you on a loophole of Google doom until you drive yourself crazy. All you’ll really want to do is ask your midwife outright. But, if you haven’t take the time to form a relationship, you may not feel like you can. It might be that you’re too embarrassed, or don’t want to waste their time. The thing to remember is that these questions are what your midwife is there for. You don’t shouldn’t call every day, but writing things down and asking at appointments is encouraged. And, it’s something you won’t think twice about if you’ve got a decent relationship. That way, you could destress without worry. All the better for keeping your baby healthy for the duration of your pregnancy.

You’ll be more willing to take advice

A midwife is also there to give advice. They’re all trained through courses like this midwife program online or similar, after all, and so have a whole load of knowledge to give. But, no one wants advice from strangers or people they don’t like. As such, failing to form a relationship here could see you discarding advice which could help you. If you get along well with your midwife, though, you’ll soon start to respect what she tells. And, that could save you a whole world of hassle on your pregnancy and parenting journey.

You’ll find comfort during your birth

While care does vary, most hospitals aim to offer a continuity of care with midwife services. This means that the midwife you have through your pregnancy will, with any luck, be at your birth. It’s amazing how comforting this familiar face can be at this nerve-wracking time. At least, it can be if you’ve built on this relationship. It’ll undoubtedly be better than a room filled with faces you don’t know, or worse, ones you don’t particularly like.

Wherever possible, then, it’s worth building a relationship with your midwife. Believe it or not, they’re sure to become a massive part of your birth story, and someone that you remember for the rest of your life.

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