Get Your Look Dating-Ready

Get Your Look Dating-Ready from Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you meet your soulmate, you’ll find a connection that is deeper than anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll find yourself in love with their personality, their values, and their passions. They’ll feel the same way about you.  Dating9 shares amazing steps, best ideas how to get at this point with your ideal mate. You’ll admire everything about each other, and you’ll grow old together without ever losing that connection. You’ll get wrinkly and perhaps fat, and so will they, and nothing will tear you apart because your love will be rooted in something far more profound than mere looks. And right now, that soulmate is swiping through photos or checking out the crowd at the bar for dating options.

Bummer. Love is about more than looks, but how can you love a person before you know them? Before you can dive into a fulfilling lifelong journey of love and commitment, you’ll have to ask a guy for his number or connect with a girl on a dating app. And that means that it pays to get your look dating-ready.

Your best body

You shouldn’t change your entire life just to look good in a swimsuit, and you will absolutely still get dates if you’re a little soft in the middle. But why not be the best you can be? Getting in shape will give you more energy, help you live longer, and enable you to enjoy sports and other activities more completely. And, yes, it will get you more Tinder matches.

So work out! Look better! You’ll be improving your life and your love life at the same time. And when you accomplish your goals, your beauty won’t just be skin-deep. An in-shape body shows others that you care about health and are willing to work to achieve it. Every point you lose and mile you run is a testament to your good qualities. Be sure to diet and exercise in a healthy way. Lose no more than two pounds a week, and never motivate yourself with the negative (“I need to lose weight because I look bad”) – use the positive (“I want to lose weight because I’m going to look better!”) instead.


If you look through the users on a dating app, you’ll see a lot of smiles. If you look at the ones you’re interested in meeting, you’ll probably see even more smiles – because nobody wants to meet a grumpy person, and everyone looks great when they smile.

So make sure that your dating app profile has a picture of you smiling. Smile at people that you want to meet. It will work!

Of course, it will work better if you have a great smile. Brush and floss regularly, and head to the dentist for regularly scheduled appointments. Good dental hygiene also means better breath, which is something you’ll be glad you have when you lean in for that first kiss.

Dress for success

 Fashion-forward folks can spot each other easily in the dating world, and they probably don’t need much advice in this department. But some would-be lovers ignore fashion entirely, believing that only vain or shallow people invest in great clothes. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yes, you can absolutely go all-out with fashion and invest deeply in the latest trends. You can pay hundreds of dollars for torn jeans if you want. But this is not all that fashion is, and folks who don’t see the difference between quality clothing and weird runway fashions are destined to look a little worse than the rest of us.

If you own nothing but cheap shirts or tops from big box stores like Walmart, try this: head to a mid-priced chain and spend something like $20 or $30 on a t-shirt or top. Try the two shirts or tops on in a mirror, one after the other. Does the more expensive one make you look like you’re in better shape? Designers know how to flatter your figure, but they don’t work for free. You’ll find their work in real clothing stores (stop going to Walmart), and it will cost you just a bit more. It’s worth a few extra bucks to look good and feel good.

Fashion can be frivolous, and whether or not you dive deep into fashion as a hobby is up to you – but knowing the basics shows that you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and care about presenting yourself. Just as there’s a difference between being in healthy shape and being a workout nut, there’s a difference between dressing well and being fashion-obsessed. The latter are hobbies, but the former just show the type of good sense and self-care that you’ll want if you’re going to be date-ready!

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