Happier Pups: Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Gut Healthy

Happier Pups: Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Gut Healthy

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that my dog is one of my best friends, and nothing is more important than keeping him healthy. While many of us know we need to brush our pup’s teeth, walk it, and take it to the vet annually, health doesn’t end there. Just like us, dogs understand the struggle of an upset stomach and digestive issues. Keep your pooch in great shape with these tips to keep your dog’s gut healthy.

Choose Nutritious Food

Most pet owners give their dogs kibble because it’s easy to buy and serve your pooch. However, when it comes to a healthy gut, your pooch needs more than a bowl of dry dog food. This is because most kibble is highly processed and lower in key nutrients, such as fiber. There are, however, brands out there specially made to ensure that your dog gets all of the right nutrients they need, like Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete and others similar. However, if you’re looking to give your pooch something a little extra, some nutritious foods to feed your pup include:

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Oatmeal
  • Apples

When I feed my dog, I like to mix some canned pumpkin, sodium-free bone broth, fruits, and veggies into the bowl for added nutrients.

Feed Your Pup Pre- and Probiotics

Pre- and probiotics are crucial for a dog’s gut healthy. Options like oatmeal are wonderful prebiotics, while sugar-free kefir yogurt is a healthy probiotic. You can also purchase a probiotic supplement, such as a soft chew or powder, for your dog. Pre- and probiotics supply the body with healthy bacteria essential to their gut microbiome. Additionally, they reduce the risk of inflammation in the stomach.

Go for Regular Walks

Y’all may have noticed that your dog needs to use the bathroom even more often when you go on walks. One reason for this is that, like with people, exercise triggers the nervous system. As more blood flows in the intestines, the need to go number two increases. Strive to create a walking schedule so that y’all can get out each day for a bit of exercise.

Pro Tip

On days when walking isn’t possible, play some indoor fetch for a good workout.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Another tip to keep your dog’s gut healthy is to ensure it always has access to a bowl of fresh water. If your pup chooses to drink less water, you should consider feeding it dehydrated food. Just be sure to add liquid to the food before serving it to your pooch. This will get some water in your dog’s system.

Avoid Doggy Stressors

While exercise can reduce your dog’s stress levels, it isn’t your only option. Discuss other stress-reducing methods with your vet, such as doggy CBD, anxiety medicine, or essential oils, such as lavender.

When using essential oils, consult the vet on the safest options, as some stress-reducing scents, such as peppermint, are toxic when ingested or absorbed through your dog’s skin.

By keeping your pup well-fed and stress-free, you keep its body in top shape.

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