Tips to Make Your Safari an Amazing Experience

Tips to Make Your Safari an Amazing Experience from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Is there a feeling that is better than the thought of a grand safari? Is there anything that beats the thought of seeing new places and people, tasting different foods, cultures, and life, and feeling a different environment altogether?

Well, nature has all these beautiful things and places for humanity to enjoy. A great safari is one of the best gifts you can offer your loved ones or even reward yourself. Many people have fond memories of places they have been to and the things they have done while on safari, and they wish they lasted longer. But what exactly makes safaris great? How can you make your safari one of your life’s amazing experiences? Here are a few tips.

Do Your Research

Yes, you heard me right. This is the basis of all great safaris.

Researching a place for your safari is a process that involves a number of things. First, it is about settling in the place you want to visit. Whereas different places may offer the same atmosphere, the experiences will differ subject to a number of things. For instance, if you want a beach experience, you may settle on Florida’s Miami Beach in the USA. However, the cost, the climate, and the weather may all differ from the Kenyan beach in Mombasa, yet they are both beach experiences. Alternatively, you may have your heart set on seeing a specific animal, so your research will be primarily based on this. Say, for example, you want to see the northwestern wolf, and you’ll quickly discover that you need to head up to Canada if you’re going to have a chance of seeing them. This could then lead to further research about other wildlife you may wish to keep an eye out for on your quest to see your animal of choice. 

Your research must, therefore, include aspects such as climate, cost, and timing among others. Other aspects include political climate as well as culture.

For Preparation

Having settled in a particular place, you must then embark on preparing yourself for the journey. With the assumption that you have your finances ready, preparation will extend to areas such as clothing, travel logistics, accommodation, and even the management of the home you live behind,

In modern society, traveling for safari expeditions has been made easier by companies that help with the logistics. Many of them offer credible services that are quite affordable. Pick an appropriate logistician to make your safari experience an extraordinary experience. Online reviews and referrals are one of the ways to find out a company’s authenticity.

One aspect of preparation that is often looked down upon is appropriate clothing, yet it is really important. If you are visiting cold places or expect to engage in outdoor activities such as biking or mountain climbing, you will definitely require the appropriate gear for that. You will then need to find out whether it is easier to carry your own or buy at your destination.


This is one of the greatest determinants of how exciting your safari will be. Budgeting includes looking at the options at hand, including any alternative destinations that would offer the same experience at a lesser cost. Set aside money for purchases of memoirs, theater visits, game park fees, and photography licenses, among others.

A common mistake among travelers is making elaborate budgets for their air tickets and accommodation and forgetting smaller items such as game park fees and impulse purchases. No matter how thin your budget is, ensure that you have some miscellaneous amount for unseen spending. However, staying within your budget ensures that you don’t carry bad memories and emotional breakdowns when you go back home.

Timing is Key

Is there a better way to emphasize the need for proper timing for your safari?

For many people, going on safari isn’t something they decide overnight and settle on. Rather, they make calculative moves and decisions before picking a date and time. This is a crucial element in enhancing your safari experience. At this point, you ask a number of critical questions, including :

  • What is exciting about my destination of choice at this time of the year? Taking the yellow water cruise across wetlands is a must see in Kakadu
  • How is the weather? This helps you to determine your preferred clothing.
  • What are the alternatives?

To shed more light on the importance of timing, consider the following examples

  • The great wild beast migration between the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya’s Maasai Mara happens only once a year between November and December. However, these two destinations are popular with tourists all year round.
  • The popular Life is a Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, USA takes place only once between September 21st-23rd

The list of occurrences that take place only once a year and some once in a long time is endless. To make your visit exciting, align it with activities that are exciting to you, are within your budget, and promise to give you an uplifting experience.


There is no specific approach to ensure that your safari becomes a memorable event. However, these guidelines offer an insight into some basic things you can do to ensure that your safari becomes a heavenly experience.

Friends and relatives too can help you with recommendations of great places and activities. Using referrals is helpful because you get to hear first-hand tales of their experiences. Importantly, ensure that you are emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared. Have fun!

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