6 Great Destinations Ideal for a Parents Only Escape

6 Great Destinations Ideal for a Parents Only Escape from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

All the tasks in child-rearing and family-sustaining can take a toll on you and your relationship with your partner, and although you may not admit it, you need a vacation from all of that – to spice things up and make the partnership fun again. With that, we offer you six great destinations for the ultimate parents only escape and these are not just romantic. Still, they are teeming with adventure and exceptional experience, so dive right into the possibilities for your itinerary.


There are a good number of touring packages made available throughout the year in the land of the Northern Lights, and it’s a guarantee that you’ll find one that suits your taste. A great combination of romance, intimacy, and adventure is offered upon setting foot in Iceland, and there’s difficult not to love their stunning scenic valleys and majestic landmarks. If you prefer a unique experience, go glamping in Volcano huts and experience ice and heat like never before.


One of the most sought-after experiences when in Africa is a memorable Kenyan safaris holiday. These can be found in the Meru National Park, the Greater Mara Conservancies, and the Samburu National Reserve. You will be offered deluxe lodging in cabins and camps that can give you the best views from above and below. Stay in touch with nature, feast your eyes in the sprawling savannahs, and enjoy a great view of the sunset while sipping some wine. That’s perfect relaxation, right there.


If a great vacation means good food, a fantastic view of the coastline and a healthy amount of sun, then yachting around the Amalfi or the Sicilian Coast is the getaway for you. Commonly a honeymoon activity,  this can surely spark up the youth in your relationship, and you can make it first on your life of things to do in Italy. Other things that can keep the bond tighter is by exploring the Mediterranean together and view the scenic seaside towns that are straight out of a painting.  Also, lots of wine, too!


Find a home outside of your home by opting for a luxurious villa in Split, Croatia, where beaches are grand, and the authenticity is admirable. Plus, there are so many more things you can do while in the area, and this can truly tap into the explorer – traveler in both you and your partner. The architecture in Croatia is also a visual feast, and you better take as many photos as you can because this place is magnificent beyond words


This may sound too boujee for most, but New York is the perfect place for urbanite couples who like fast-paced life with lots of shopping. Getting yourself a room in the top floors of one of the luxury condos and hotels in the city can give you a perspective of the city like no other, and that’s a humanmade feat you can admire. Also, expect the many experiences you can have while livin’ the NY life, like catching a jazz show, taking walks on the Brooklyn Bridge, see the World Observatory, or see a Broadway show.


This is one of the most historically rich places in terms of preserved church and institutional architecture, but for lovers, we recommend picking the right spot in London, where you can walk around in awe. With so much to see, from the Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, you also get to experience the best classical performances, a trip to the National Gallery, and plenty of museum tours – basically the best journey of your life.

Now that we have all of these destinations laid out, you can take your pick and set up an itinerary for the best trip yet. Keep your folks updated, kiss the kiddos goodbye, and jet your way to a few of the most beautiful places in the world, and we hope you have some jolly good fun.

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