Most Peaceful Spots In NYC

Most Peaceful Spots In NYC

NYC is known for being loud, fast-paced and packed with people.  Constant blaring sirens, honking horns and a steady rush of pedestrian traffic epitomize the “city that never sleeps”. Amidst all this frenzied activity, it’s hard to imagine a peaceful refuge exists. There are, however, places that allow one to escape to find tranquility in the midst of serene surroundings.

Here’s a list of the best peaceful spots in NYC:

Conservatory Garden at Central Park

With its huge influx of tourists and visitors, not all areas in Central Park are characterized as tranquil.  You can try to search for pockets of peace and quiet and hope that other park-goers will respect your zen, or you can make your way to the Conservatory Garden.  This soothing oasis is a designated Quiet Zone and often less crowded.  So if you’re feeling frazzled and need to regroup, this is the place.

Temple of Dendur at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Feast your eyes on sumptuous works of art in perfect silence.  Because this museum is deluged with visitors on a daily basis, not all areas are conducive to quiet reflection.  The Temple of Dendur is unique and offers total calm in a sea of art.  Relish in the reflective solitude that is found here and add this spot to your New York sightseeing.

Four Freedoms Park at Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a well-known getaway amongst locals in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Vast green spaces and cool breezes that come in off the river make this an ideal spot for relaxation.  Savor gorgeous views of the NYC skyline and enjoy an extra dose of serenity in the Four Freedoms Park, which is at the tip of the island.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Head to this iconic garden to enjoy a paradise of serenity set in a lush backdrop. It’s a perfect refuge for those drained by the persistent barrage of sights and sounds in the city.  Don’t miss visiting in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

The Cloisters

The Cloisters museum and gardens is a perfect place to enjoy a blend of art and nature. A visit here is a perfect opportunity to submerge in medieval European times. This is the perfect getaway if your idea of relaxation includes cultural enlightenment.

Snug Harbor at Staten Island

Grab a slice of respite in one of the several gardens.  Find exhibits and visual and performing arts. For the most part, this place is not overcrowded promising you stimulation in the company of art and nature together.

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