Adorable Nursery Themes To Try This Year

Adorable Nursery Themes To Try This Year

Having a baby and being pregnant is an exciting time in life. I know because I’ve been there. There are many important things to consider when pregnant, but one of the less-thought-of parts is designing a nursery for your beautiful baby. Let these adorable nursery themes to try this year encourage your creativity.


Watercolors are making their way from paintings to bedding and beyond. Y’all will typically find this theme in floral prints. There are many fun ways to incorporate watercolors into your child’s nursery. Decals are a great way to bring this theme to life. These are great because they are easy to remove and won’t damage your walls.


Parents are either embracing gender-neutral colors or waiting until the baby is born to know the gender. Some tremendous neutral colors to choose from are grey, brown, yellow, or green. Y’all should consider picking out neutral bedding and then revolving the theme around that. The advantage of this theme is that you can use it for the next child, no matter their gender.


The rainbow for a nursery can range from bright and bold to pastel and subdued. It also doesn’t have to incorporate all seven colors. The options are endless when it comes to rainbows. Plus, y’all can find them with unicorns or Noah’s Ark themes.


Dinosaurs are no longer just for boys. Start their love of science young with an adorable dinosaur-themed nursery. Y’all can find soft and cuddly dinosaur stuffed toys in subdued colors that every human is guaranteed to love.


Bring the outdoors in with this fun and whimsical idea. In a woodland or forest-themed nursery, your baby will find itself in the company of friendly foxes, plushy bears, and lovable raccoons. I believe this theme would pair great with brown, green, and plaid, but woodland pieces would also go great with pink.


Another theme that will bring out the explorer in your child is a safari-themed room. This gives you a lot of flexibility because you can make it understated or take over the room. It also is a great idea that will grow with your child.

There are endless possibilities in creating a magical nursery for your baby. If you need some inspiration, come back to these adorable nursery themes to try this year for encouragement.

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