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Home Improvement Prep by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all think about remodeling our house occasionally. It could be something relatively simple like replacing the tile in the bathroom shower, or it could be something more complex like adding a whole new room. It’s fun to daydream about all the ways we might improve our home, but if you’re ready to take that fantasy and attempt to make it a reality, that’s great. You probably already know it can be a long, complex process, but there are also a few steps you need to take before the actual groundwork begins. That’s true both if you’re doing the work on your own or bringing in contractors. Here are a few tips that will help with your home improvement prep.

On your own

Working on the project without outside help will really make you feel good once everything is done, but it also means there’s more prep work that has to be done in advance. Having the right tools and equipment is absolutely critical. You don’t want to get to the middle of the project and realize you need an air compressor, because it may not be as simple as just heading down to your local hardware store and asking for one. You’ll need to look up the best air compressor brands. You’ll need to figure out how much money to spend. It can really slow things down right as the pace is really beginning to pick up.

You’ll have to be very organized to get home renovations done both on budget and on schedule. If you aren’t organized by nature, you’re going to have to fake it. There are a lot of moving parts to projects like this, and it’s critical to have a backup plan. Without a backup plan, something as simple as an unexpected rainstorm can really throw a damper on things. Most of us have driven through or around road construction that seems to be never-ending. We think things like, “I could do that better on my own.” Now’s your chance to prove it.

Bringing in contractors

People typically bring in contract workers when they don’t have the time or expertise to perform a project on their own. There are some things that are just too dangerous for most laymen to even attempt. We may think we can climb up on the roof and work all day, but it’s harder than it looks. When you’re talking to contractors and trying to figure out who would be a good match, make sure to ask how they handle any contaminants that may be created during the construction process. We typically hear about issues with contaminated water popping up as a result of major gas and oil production efforts. You probably aren’t doing a lot of fracking in your backyard, but it’s still wise to make sure that the people you’re paying to pretty up your house aren’t going to leave anything nasty behind. Any contractor worth his or her salt will be happy to discuss environmental concerns with you. They’re experts, and it’s part of their job.

As always, read reviews and ask around before signing a contract. You want to get this done right the first time, not have to go back and hire a second set of contractors to undo the damage caused by the first group.

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