Three Hidden Factors for Choosing the Ideal Epilator

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When it comes to shaving our legs, dealing with ingrown hairs and trimming our bikini line, we’d love to find the quickest, least painful solution possible. Many women continue to swear by epilators as means of getting rid of problem hairs in a jiffy. Growing in popularity, epilators are tiny devices which work to remove hair using dozens of miniature tweezers. Unlike traditional shaving with a blade or waxing, remove hair from the root, meaning that problem hairs may take as long as a month to grow back.

Despite the initial discomfort of using an epilator, the ease and speed of the device often trump the pain factor for most women. Meanwhile, epilators represent as a win-win for women looking to spend less time shaving and more time between hair removal.

There are a number of vAriables to consider when choosing the perfect epilator. As the marketing behind such products attempts to dazzle potential buyers with unnecessary or misleading features, you need to know exactly what to look for in an epilator prior to purchasing one. In other words, some of the most important factors in choosing an epilator aren’t always on the surface.

 Number of Tweezers

Marketers love to tout that “bigger is better;” however, this logic doesn’t necessarily apply to epilators.The number of tweezers an epilator has is often pushed as its selling point. Despite this, more tweezers is not always an indicator of higher quality or comfort.

For example, some devices have 21 tweezers, meanwhile, others sport up to 72 tweezers. This disparity begs the question: what’s the advantage to having more tweezers? As some devices have nearly four times the number of tweezers as its competitors, it’s a legitimate question to ask.

In short, the more tweezers in an epilator, the more hair the device can remove in a single pass. However, there’s also the pain factor to consider as devices which remove the most hair will, in theory, be the most painful to use. Likewise, devices with fewer tweezers will be less painful to use yet take longer to remove hair. It’s a trade-off that varies from woman to woman: it all depends on personal preference.

 Ingrown Hairs

At the cost of convenience, many epilators are known to cause ingrown hairs. Consider, however, that ingrown hairs are an unfortunate byproduct of any hair removal technique, whether you epilate, shave or wax. For this reason, women considering epilators should familiarize themselves various techniques to remove ingrown hairs.

If you’re looking to invest in an epilator, it’s advised that you also invest in a strong pair of tweezers and familiarize yourself with how to properly exfoliate your skin. Some ingrown hairs can be prevented; however, choosing an epilator based on reviews versus marketing may save you the time and effort of removing more of them than necessary.


Many epilators come with a “speed” option; while most devices have two speeds, some are single speed and others offer three speeds. Don’t be fooled: speed isn’t a particularly strong selling point for an epilator. Again, keep in mind the fact that it will take a slower, deliberate glide to properly remove all hairs. Regardless, speed is often marketed as a means to make the epilating experience less painful.

When it comes to epilators, features and price aren’t everything. If you’re looking to invest in an epilator, make sure you know what you’re looking for and consider the hidden factors that aren’t always printed on the box.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely factors for choosing an ideal epilator! I exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrown hairs…

  2. Great post! Another thing to consider when buying an epilator is to think about what areas of the body you will be using it on.

    If you are only going to epilate your legs, you can save a few dollars and choose an epilator that doesn’t come with any extra attachments. But, if you’re looking for an epilator that you can use on your legs, underarms, and face, make sure to choose an epilator that comes with the right attachments for the job.

  3. I agree with the use of epilator. For the best results, I use Braun Silk 9 Epil, its fast and leaves you smooth and doesn’t cause ingrown hairs. Keep sharing 🙂

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