Unique Wine Glasses Make Ladies Night

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This past week, something unusual happened in my house. My middle daughter went with her Nana to Virginia; my youngest is spending a week with my oldest and my house was empty except for me, my husband and Allie.

Love My Hispanic Hard Working Man

So I quickly thought that there would be tons of date nights with hubby, boy was I wrong. I did have a date day but more to come on that. My husband worked his second job on Thursday night. Like most Latino men, he has an incredible work ethic always trying to strive to make things better for his family. But that typically leaves me lonely and missing him a lot.


So because he was working this past Thursday, I decided that I needed some girl time. Because most of the time women are the last people to take care of themselves. So with that in mind, Cupcakes and Conversation was born.

In preparing for this party, I know that I wanted to have a few things to snack on and to drink. But I also wanted the ladies to have something that they can remember the night by and know that someone is always in their corner. I came up with two fantastic ideas, one I will write about here and the other I will save for a little later.

Sutter Home Wine Glasses

Because one of the leading drinks would be Sutter Home Pink Moscato, ( a pink drink for ladies night, go figure.) I knew I wanted to create a one of a kind wine glass for the ladies to take home. I had several ideas running through my head but when I saw these lilies ( Fun Fact: Most Hispanics households have flower arrangements in it. And normally there are more than one.)  I knew I had my idea.

Lily wine glass

I cut the middle of the lily and then cut it so the lily could be open.

lily with hot glue

Then I grabbed a plain old wine glass.

wine glass

Then with my hot glue gun, I hot glued each flower to a wine glass.

wine glass lily

After that, I decided I wanted to create some chalkboard labels for each glass, so we didn’t confuse which drink was ours. I found some chalkboard tape that was on a roll, and I cut and made labels and applied them to glasses. When the ladies got there they were able to write their names on the glass.

Chalkboard Label Wine glass

I think they came out pretty amazing.

one of kind wine glasses

Now onto the conversation. I didn’t invite a lot of people because I wanted it to be an intimate session where we could feel free to share. The ladies that came did not know each other, but you would never know it by how quickly the conversation flowed.

Facetime Girls Night

We all had to laugh when my neighbor Mandy got a Facetime call from her granddaughter even though she had only been gone for about 20 minutes and she lives right down the road from me.

Sutter Home Pink Moscato

I made sure that I had a few different choices of beverages for all the girls, but we all gravitated to the Sutter Home Pink Moscato. We loved how fresh and crisp it tasted and how it taste even better than some of the more expensive wines that they had tasted. That is a huge compliment because my friend, Kathi is a total wine expert in my mind. I love it because just like how Hispanics are family oriented so is the Sutter Home Company. Plus it is my go-to wine for all the entertaining that we do during the summer.  I will have to say that the crisp cool flavor of the wine made us feel relaxed as we sipped and comfortably chatted. Not afraid to share problems and issues we were facing as well as listening to ways we can approach them in a different matter.

When looking for a wine, I not only base what I purchase on taste but also on how long have been around. Did you know that Sutter Home has been around for 65 years?  Plus they produce great taste wines at prices that even my pocketbook can afford.

gotta have friends

The ladies and I had an amazing time, and it was decided that we are going to try to get together at least once a month. And I know Sutter Home wines will be a part of our next event and I am already planning using ideas found on the Sutter Home Uncork the Moments site. Check it out here.



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  1. Awesome ladies night! With some wonderful ladies! I really enjoyed this night! Thanks Melissa!?? U ?

  2. Wine night is ALWAYS a good idea…LOL. Cute idea with the flowers! #HomeMattersParty

  3. What a great idea for girl’s night! I had forgotten about Sutter Home! Thanks for reminding me just in time for summer. It looks like it ended up being a regular get together – like you mentioned mom is usually the last one to take time for herself, so good for you reminding us ALL to take time out!

  4. The crisp cool flavor wine sounds like my kind of wine. I’m not really familiar with Sutter Home wine, but I’m sure the taste is divine like you’ve described. It’s a great idea of you to have a ladies’ night and enjoy the time with your friends. All of you look lovely.

  5. I love Sutter Home Moscato and try to enjoy it during the summer. It’s been a while since I had Ladies’ Night with my friends and this would be the perfect adult beverage.

  6. Those glasses are beautiful and I love how easy they were to make! Looks like a great time was had by all.

  7. The glasses are so cute. I get together with my girlfriends a couple times a month. I will have to make us some wine glasses.

  8. LOVE your creativity with the flowers on the wine glasses! And loving that pink wine…and the girls night…and the fun…and all of it! I want to do this the next time I drink wine! So fab!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  9. Sounds like such a fun time! I haven’t had a ladies night in such a long time! This would be great fun to make the glasses, I’m sure the guests loved them!

  10. Those are cute wine glasses. YOu also have a great bunch of friend very lovely.

  11. Yes, I love Sutter Home Pink Moscato and serve it at my Galentines party in February. I have been collecting wine glasses from the thrift store and I just love this idea to jazz them up for my next party!

  12. What adorable and fun glasses. I like the lily a lot. I love what you’ve said about women being the last to take care of ourselves. It’s true, and it’s great that you decided to do something about it 🙂

  13. This looks like such a fun time. I can’t remember the last time my house was kid-free. Thanks so much for sharing – these glasses look great.

  14. I have a girls night coming up soon. I will have to make glasses like this. They look fantastic.

  15. This is such a cute idea! I am definitely in need of a ladies night soon. This would be the perfect activity + wine = heavenly 🙂

  16. It is good to see you got some girl time for yourself & it sounds like you all had a wonderful time together. I love those cute looking wine glasses & you people rock with that awesome ladies night idea!

  17. I love Sutter Home wine. What a perfect idea for a ladies night. Time for me to plan one.

  18. Awwwww loving the glasses!!!!!! Getting together with the girls is always a blast! Especially when wine is involved!

  19. Sutter Home Pink Moscato is one of my favorite wines! I love what you did with flowers…very creative! I’m inspired to plan a girls night of my own.

  20. What a fun girl’s night out! I need more nights like this with my friends!

  21. Those flower glasses are ideal for well deserved ladies night. Sometimes its nice to get away from everything and raise a glass to happiness.

  22. That is so so creative! I never would have thought to do something like that but it totally would add to ladies night for sure

  23. Those glasses are so much fun! I will have to do something like this for my next ladies night with the gals.

  24. These glasses look so simple but elegant at the same time. I love the idea of putting the chalkboard names on them.

  25. This would be fun! I love anything that involves wine and girlfriends. Great idea!

  26. That is a really cool idea. I always hate to put my glass down for fear I will not remember where I set it and then pick up someone elses.

  27. This looks like so much fun! The wine glasses are also quite clever. Thanks for having me as a co-host for the Home Matters Party for the past six months. I look forward to reading your blog moving forward….

  28. This is a great way to ensure that no one mixes up their glasses. Plus, it’s stylish to boot. I also love the fact that they can be changed accordingly.

  29. Those wine glasses are absolutely chic! Any wine night with or without the ladies is always a good idea in my book. I’m a sweet drinker and those decor and design is fab! Thanks for sharing. xx

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