Clutter-Free Holiday Gifts for Family and Friends

Clutter-Free Holiday Gifts for Family and Friends

If y’all are tired of receiving material things every year for the holidays, chances are your loved ones are too! Sure, I like getting things, but after cleaning the house and decluttering, the last thing I need is more stuff to put away.

Do your loved ones a favor this year and get them experiences they can enjoy and memories they’ll cherish forever. Here are some clutter-free holiday gifts for family and friends you can start purchasing today.

Tickets to an Event

Does your friend have a favorite band or sports team? Score them some tickets to a concert or game! Now, you may want to check their availability first—without giving it away—and make sure they’ll be available and in town during the time of the event.

Day Trip

Give them a mini-vacation by getting them a hotel to stay in for a night or a day trip to the zoo with their family members. They’ll appreciate it and maybe even take you along for the ride!

Class or Lesson

Does your loved one want to learn a new skill or explore their interests a bit more? You can find lots of classes or lessons for art, cooking, golf, yoga, and more. Depending on their comfort level with in-person sessions, you may consider buying an online class for them to enjoy as well!


Surprise your family or friends with a membership to a local facility—and it doesn’t have to be the gym! Many museums, art galleries, arboretums, and yoga studios offer membership to their customers. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Many apps now offer subscriptions that you can purchase for somebody else as a gift. You can also get them a subscription to something unique, like a meditation app, like Headspace. If they’re prone to stress, they’ll appreciate the thoughtful, clutter-free gift.

Alternatively, you can get them a subscription box of everyday items they’re sure to use. If your giftee is a huge fan of Japanese culture, they will love this adorable Doki Doki subscription box from Japan Crate. Depending on your budget, you can get a single box, a three-month subscription, or even a year’s worth of gift boxes. Your family or friend will be thrilled to receive a surprise every month!

Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, a streaming subscription is a perfect gift for your loved one if they want entertainment.

Gift Cards

Although gift cards are usually what one picks up on the way to the birthday party, you can tailor the gift card to fit exactly what your loved one is looking for.

Many places offer gift cards ranging from restaurants to an online stores with everything “superhero!” If you heard your friend say they need to get their nails done, get them a gift card to their favorite salon. Write a special note to make the gift extra special.

Delicious Treats

The one thing people love more than material gifts is food! Get your loved one a block of cheese and cracker set or decadent fruit-inspired treats for the holidays. They can share their gift with others or save it all for themselves! Either way, they’ll love this tasty treat.

When you get clutter-free holiday gifts for family and friends, you put more thought into the gift than buying something they may use and donate in a few years. Inspire them to discover new experiences and live life to the fullest!

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