How To Create a Cozy Bedroom This Winter

How To Create a Cozy Bedroom This Winter

I love summer and all the outdoor gatherings, but winter is all about staying warm and cozy like a hibernating bear, especially at bedtime. Today I’d like to talk to y’all about how to create a cozy bedroom this winter. When the cold wind blows, we all need a space that makes us glad the windows are frosty.

Winterize Your Bedding

I like to have my warm-weather bedding and my cold-weather bedding. And, while bedding from certain companies, such as Sloth London, have temperature-controlling properties, there are still a few things that you might want to switch up as the weather shifts. Here’s what I recommend during the cold weather:

  • Flannel sheets: It’s bad enough jumping 10 feet to your bed because you’re barefoot and freezing, and you want to get under the covers. The last thing y’all need is cold sheets to boot. Get some cute new flannel sheets and snuggle in.
  • A down-filled comforter: It doesn’t have to be the real deal—down alternatives work well too. Look for a fluffy comforter or duvet filled with feathers and toss it on your bed for the winter. It’s like covering up with a cloud, only warmer.
  • Plenty of pillows: there’s just something cozy about pillows, so fill your bed with them.

I just ask that y’all don’t blame me if you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

Fuzzy Things

When thinking warm and cozy, think fuzzy thoughts. Add a rug to the floor and a super soft throw across the bottom of the bed. The added layers make the room feel warmer.

An Amber Glow

Trade your bright white lightbulbs for soft white or, for an even warmer effect, an amber color. Lights can’t literally warm us up, but the atmosphere they produce lends to our feeling warmer. We need a bedroom that beckons us on cold, winter nights.

Crank Up the Heat

In most houses, there’s an argument about where the thermostat should be set. In my house, I’m right, of course. Just kidding. Still, rather than fight the constant battle, if you’re too cold at night, warm yourself up with a portable heater. There are several kinds to choose from; just remember there are safety rules to follow when heating any area of your home. Choose a heater that automatically turns off so that you don’t forget and leave it on.

Darken the Room

I get tempted to let a lot of sunlight into my bedroom when it’s cold, but it truly feels cozier and warmer when I darken it. Go for room-darkening blinds and some darker curtains when the weather gets chilly. There’s something about darkness and dark colors that give us warm feelings. You can always remove the curtains when spring rolls around.

I hope you’ve found my ideas about how to create a cozy bedroom this winter helpful. Take advantage of the colder months and get some great sleep.

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