Photo Books : A Great Gift Idea

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Photo Books  A Great Gift Idea by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I have one friend that loves to give photo books as gifts for her children for Christmas. She saves all the pictures of her kids, that she takes ( did I mention she is also a photographer) and puts them together in a photo book for both sets of grandparents as well as for her kids. 

What an excellent idea right? I wish I had the patience to do this, but unfortunately, I don’t. I always get so frustrated that I end up giving up. And I think that it is because I am such a perfectionist. 

The only complaint my friend has with the photo books. Is that she has to be super picky with the photographs she picks out for the book. Some of her images can get caught in the crease ( the center) of the book, and she loses half the picture. 

Can you imagine what her reaction was when I told her about Blurb’s new Layflat option? What is Layflat you ask? It is precisely what it sounds like. The book lays flat. No more losing part of an image in the center of the book or the crease as it is called. That is awesome right. 

Plus think of how much easier it will be to look at the book as well. No more holding a page because it won’t stay open. And designing a photo book is actually made easier with this new Layflat design from Blurb

So if you are looking for a unique gift for grandparents or even for your kids- then consider you will want to check these Layflat photo books. I am thinking of making one using pictures from Gracie’s Quinceanera. How cool will that be for her to be able to look back at all the memories of her special night? 

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