#ChristmasTown Journey Continues at The Stables

AFM Stables


Today I am going to continue to tell you about our Busch Gardens Christmas Town adventure. In my previous post I told you about the bump in the road in our adventure. (Wasn’t a bump it was more like a huge boulder.) So we finally got the tire changes, we were not in the best of moods, Gracie was upset because Allie, our Shih Tzu, had to spend the night at her Nana’s. (She does not like to leave Allie overnight.) Maddie and Mikaela were being typical teenage girls and I don’t think I have to tell you about that.)

So we finally get to the right parking lot, parked the car and proceeded to will call for our tickets. And wouldn’t you know it the computers at the ticket counter we were at started acting up. The lady who was at the ticket counter was very pleasant and apologized for the inconvenience. She was such a joy to deal with. Once our tickets were printed we were on our way.

I will have to say I was impressed with how technology advanced Busch Gardens is. We have visited other amusement parks before but have never been to on where we scan our tickets ourselves. That was awesome. Even my girls were impressed. Raul thought it was awesome as well. We had gotten there a little early because we wanted to take advantage of the inside tour of the stables. Gracie, if you remember, is our future vet. So this is right up her alley. (Excuse the little play on words here.) But before the tour we decided to visit the penguins. They have got to be our favorite animals. Notice that most of our favorite animals are black and white. It is just a coincidence I promise. I was able to snap several pics of the penguins that were on loan from Sea World San Antonio.

afm penguins

AFM Maddie Penguin

Finally we made it back to the stables to see the world famous Clydesdales. These majestic creatures are even more beautiful than words can saw. Check out my girls meeting them.

afm gracie petting

AFM m and g


We were also introduced to the border collies that live there, Sky and Molly. Sky was not introduced to our group but we were able to catch a training session with the trainer who works with her. She is a young border collie and with any youngster you have to train them.

afm skye


Molly, on the other hand, was an old hand at the tours. We were given a demonstration on how well she was trained. She was cutie as well- just a bigger version of our Allie.

afm Molly


We were also shown some sheep and wouldn’t you know it – one of them was named Allie.


My girls were able to feed some of them. That was so cool.

AFM Maddie sheep

AFM Mikaela sheep


Before our tour Gracie was still upset because she knew our Allie was not going to be with her that night (Allie has replaced Beary in her life.) and really did not want anything to do with the animals at first. But guess what by the end of our little tour of the stables- she was ready to take on the world LOL.

So that is the second installment of our Christmas Town journey. We enjoyed seeing the animals. In my next installment, I will fill you in on the awesome display of lights and how you cannot walk away from there without wanting to go home and decorate yourself.

So stay tuned to see the wonderful light display. I will have to say one thing I am sure glad I don’t have to pay their light bill. (LOL)

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