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AFM Blessing hometown

A couple of weekends ago my family and I attended Busch Gardens Christmas Town’s Blogger preview. To say that this trip was eventful was an understatement. We arrived about an hour early were directed to a different section of the park than what the paperwork that I was sent said. We then parked, found a bathroom (because let’s face it after a 3 and ½ hour drive we all needed to go.) and when we went to check in we found that were were directed to the wrong special event. The guard at this location was extremely helpful and pointed us in the right direction. We got back in our car and proceeded to the right parking lot. We had only gone a few feet when Raul noticed something was funny about the car. He pulled into a parking place and got out to discover we had a flat tire. I am not talking a little flat I mean totally flat. Being directed to the wrong parking lot was a blessing in disguise. Thankfully the flat happened during the day can you imagine trying to change a tire at night. Raul told all of us to get out of the car and he proceeded to try to change the tire. During this time, a nice man walked over to see if we needed some help. Raul said no, because he thought he could get it. Of course, right after that our jack broke!!! Talk about bad luck. Another man who was with the first man came over and asked Raul again if he needed some help. Raul said if you have a jack we can borrow that would be very helpful. Luckily, they did and even more luck it actually worked on our car. Who knew that not all jacks work on all cars? I didn’t, did you? As Raul was changing the tire, we struck up a conversation with the whole family (yep by that time the whole family had wandered over) whose jack we were borrowing. We told them that we had just driven up from North Carolina and they said they did as well. How weird is that folks? But just wait it gets better. They ask us where we are from and we told them. They said they were from Jacksonville. (This is near when I grew up!!!!!!) I told them I grew up near there. You see folks the house I grew up in was between Jacksonville and Richlands (the town I call my hometown). I told them I was from Richlands and the older man said he knew exactly where that was because he grew up there in the 60’s. How cool is that, we were sent help from my hometown? Come to find out the older couple lives just miles away from the house I grew up that my sister lives in now. That was such a great blessing to us. So to the Jackson family from Richlands/ Jacksonville Area thank you for being so kind to strangers and lending us your jack. You were the only people to stop and ask if we needed help. What a great testament to Southern Hospitality?

This is just about the journey to Busch Gardens Christmas Town tomorrow check out the blog to see if we had anymore mishaps during our visit.

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