GP: How to Make Water less Snow Globes

I am very honored to have Cindi from Down Home Magazine, guest blogging here today. Today she is going to tell you how to make water less snow globes. This would make a gift Christmas gift. 

waterless snow globes



What you will need:

  • clean jars {i.e. coffee jars, jelly jars, pickle jar or mason jar}
  • fake snow
  • tiny trees or bushes or house or animal or ornament
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • paint and paint brush {optional}

Before you get started, you may want to paint your lid. If you do, wait for the lid to dry and then you can start.

Flipping your lid upside down, take your tiny tree or bush and your animal or house or whatever item you want to display inside your globe and glue it to the bottom side of your lid {the part that will be inside the jar once the lid is on}. Let dry.

Sprinkle some fake snow inside your jar.

Once your hot glue has dried, carefully place your lid on your jar and screw it on.

Turn your jar upside down and you will have your waterless snow globe.

It’s that simple.

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