How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Summer is the best time of year to take a trip. If you’re still in school, then summer means a break from classes and homework. Even if you’re past school and working, summer means warm weather, nicer driving conditions, and the opportunity to camp along the way. A road trip is a great chance to get out and enjoy the country you live in. Road trips are best taken with friends or family, people you feel comfortable with. After all, you’ll be in the car with them for awhile! To plan the perfect road trip, take a look at the following tips.

Bring Good Food

Every vacation needs great food. For one thing, packing lunches will save everyone a lot of money. For another, car rides get long and boring, so great snacks are a must. You should definitely check out fun restaurants as you travel, but you should also bring a cooler and a few bags’ worth of food. Feel free to bring fun foods, but make sure some of them are healthy. Cheetos are delicious, but they won’t give you much brain power. You wouldn’t want to feel lethargic and grumpy, so make sure you’re still eating good food on your road trip.

Bring Fun Activities

No road trip is complete without fun activities. On your road trip, you’ll likely have a car full of people, and while one of you has to be driving, the rest of you can be swapping fun activities. You might bring your favorite flavors of cheap ejuice and vape on the road, or pass a travel log back and forth throughout the car, writing over-the-top accounts of what’s been happening. Car games are good, but crazy car activities are better. Have a chess tournament with a magnetic chess set, or try to quote Princess Bride from start to finish.

Make Sure Everything’s Working

You wouldn’t want to be six states from home, only to have your car break down. If you’re about to head out for an extensive road trip, get your car checked out by a mechanic and make sure everything is running well. The same goes for your other devices. GPS. Phone. Charger. Make sure your phone isn’t about to go haywire while you’re on the road. Of course, if it does, you could always stop at one of the many At&t stores in Arizona.

Map it Out (or Don’t)

There are two different ways to take a road trip. You can map out all your destinations carefully ahead of time: historical sites, national parks, amusement parks, overnight accommodations, and even food. Or, you can just get in the car and drive. The first could be stressful since even the best-laid plans fail, and the second could be stressful because you don’t even know where you’re spending the night. You probably know already which one is best for your personality type. Decide ahead of time how you’ll make decisions on the road and how carefully you’ll map out your adventure.

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