11 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Child-Friendly

11 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Child-Friendly from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Your home is a space you’ve cultivated to fit your needs. Over the years, you’ve figured out exactly what works for you and have implemented it into your home so that you have a sanctuary to call your own. But when a child is suddenly introduced into the mix, your home’s design and decor will have to change.

Don’t worry though, you can still combine function and fashion to make your home a welcoming space for you, your friends, and your children.

Don’t wait to have style just because you have kids

We all know that one friend with the meticulous, stylish home and two kids that has us wondering: “how do they do it?”. While we can’t guarantee that your home will always be spotless (they are kids, after all), having children doesn’t mean you have to give up every ounce of decor savvy you’ve collected over the years. 

Even if you feel like your life revolves around your children, it doesn’t mean your home has to as well. Family-friendly decor can still be insanely chic. In fact, many children naturally enjoy well-decorated areas and having a home you love that is well cared for will help teach them how to treat the space. If you’re keeping your home half-finished with patched walls to avoid the heartache of having your kids wreck them, you’re almost inviting it. Why would they protect and cherish something that’s already half-destroyed?

Don’t wait until your kids grow up to design or decorate your house the way you want. If you have the right design and finishes, they can still withstand children and stay gorgeous for years to come. 

To that end, here are 10 ways you can make your home more child-friendly, while still keeping a place you and your adult friends will feel happy being in.

11 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Child-Friendly

1. Get the kid’s opinions

We know you might be hesitant about this one. Your kid’s decor opinions may right now constitute of painting everything orange or covering things in glitter and velour, but having your kid’s input in how you decorate your home can be invaluable, especially in their spaces. Ask your kids what they want for their bedrooms or playrooms, while letting them know that not everything is possible. Kids have strong opinions and great imaginations, so they may be able to contribute ideas and concepts that you may not have thought of.

That being said, avoid any themes. Sure, they may have been doing it all the time on Extreme Home Makeover but how long do you think those kids really saw themselves reflected in those spaces? Childhood is fleeting, and so are the tastes and loves that come with it. Instead, focus on creating a flexible, kid-friendly space that can change as the years goes on without having to tear down walls.

2. Use a neutral base

The key to creating a child-friendly home is all in ease-of-care. While saturated greens and deep navy may look stunning in the pages of magazines (or in the homes of friends who are childless), they won’t always work so well in a kid-filled house. A neutral color base in your home is flexible and approachable. It’s easy to see where things are getting dirty, it won’t show fingerprints, and it will be easier to color-match when inevitable dings or Magic Marker incidents happen. Add in color in small increments and accessories instead of splashing it out on a wall or couch.

You may be thinking: “but surely not furniture too?”

Oh yes! Light-colored fabrics and furniture like white canvas actually respond well to most stain removers without damaging the fabric, and most children will actually be more careful with light-colored fabrics.

3. Choose fabrics with care

This leads from the point above. While we adore neutral fabrics for their washability and flexibility, not all are created equal when it comes to kids. We specifically mention canvas because of how durable and forgiving it is. 

Synthetic fabrics and wipeable leather is great for seating, solid wood is perfect for tables because it can be sanded and refinished (and imperfections can add character), and wool carpets are naturally stain resistant.

Same goes with bedding. There’s a reason white bedding is used in hotels the world over, and that’s because you can bleach it. Our kids will often sneak snacks into bed or have accidents and white bedding is easily washable, shows you where it’s dirty, and responds beautifully to OxyClean or bleach, which means it will last longer overall.

4.Always, always add storage

Kids like stuff. Any parent will tell you that, the second they had a kid, they suddenly had double the stuff. From expected additions like furniture and clothes to products, toys, books, and more, kids just come with a lot of stuff. 

The key to keeping a tidy, comfortable home is all in storage. If you’re building from scratch, look for ways to create built-in storage in the form of nooks, under-stair cubbies, or entryways with hooks and drawers. For those who have kids, it’s also best to designate a place where they can have their bookshelves or car toys and stuffed animal storage.

If building is out of the question, use spacious bookshelves or block bookshelves that accommodate baskets to hide away things. When it comes to storage, baskets are a parent’s best friend. They’re stylish, match any decor (especially neutral themes), and are durable for when kids pull at them to get something out.

5.Banish table lamps

A wide variety of lighting is great in any home, but table lamps in a home with small children is asking for disaster. It’s just one of those great decor items that always end shattered on the floor when small children are zooming around. Either they got bumped by a toy that was flying overhead, or someone tripped over a cord and send it whizzing into the wall, either way, we think they’re doomed.

Kids are also really fascinated with lamps. So even if you buy heavy lamps and keep them out of harm’s way, your kid may gravitate towards them out of curiosity. Basically, no table lamps.

But don’t fear! You won’t have to live in the dark or under fluorescent lighting just because you have toddlers. Instead, invest in gorgeous overhead lighting that does double-duty as a decor piece and a light source. Plus, it’s well out of your kids’ reach…for now.

6. Keep the decor accessories to a minimum

As with table lamps, delicate decor accessories scattered around a home are not kid-friendly. Decor accessories often look beautiful but aren’t designer with children in mind. This means they are often breakable or dangerous to kids. 

Instead, skip the tabletop accessories for styled mantles or floating shelves were kids can’t reach. Also, wall art is your friend when decorating with children in the home. It doesn’t need to be expensive! Use creative frames and pictures you’ve taken (cause pictures aren’t just for Instagram) and make them part of your home.

7. Embrace the silliness

Kids love to play and be silly, and why shouldn’t they? It’s fun! Embrace it in your home decor and add some elements that are silly, or just for pure comfort. Maybe a blackboard wall the kids can draw on? Or a giant beanbag you can all cuddle together on that you can get from visiting Fombag.com? Your home isn’t a museum and it’s okay to show that yes, you have kids and they live here too. Let your kids know that home is a place for them too with little elements of whimsy.

8.Bring nature inside

Did you know that plants help clean the air in our homes, lower noise levels, keep airborne dust particles down, and increase moisture in the air, making it easier to breathe? Don’t be afraid to have plants just because you have kids. Kids love plants and that pop of nature adds instant elegance to any space. If your kids are really young or you’re worried about some curious nibbling, keep the plants up on higher shelves until you feel confident that your kids won’t harass them too much.

9. Incorporate their art

Kids get a real kick out of seeing their artwork displayed like real art! Framing and hanging some choice pieces of creative artwork from your kids is a great way to keep your fridge free of clutter and show off your kid’s handiwork in a chic, stylish way. 

We especially love using large floating frames that let us regularly switch out pieces to something new without worrying about custom cut matting or it will match the frame color.

10. Use creative lighting

Different kinds of lighting will help any house feel like a home, and it’s perfect for kids! While we did mention avoiding table lamps, you can still make use of dramatic floor lamps, interesting ceiling lights, and fun wall lamps for task lighting. A perfectly lit space has the ability to make a home instantly feel more approachable and cozy without changing a thing.

11. Make a space for them

Finally, have a space that’s just for your kids and let them be kids in it. Let them build LEGO forts, paint and draw, and really have some creative flair! Keep it tidy with baskets and a reward system for tidying, but let them be a kid. After all, it is such a brief moment in time.

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