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Just Trust from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Those words hang on the whiteboard in my blog cabin. Just two little words but two little words that have so much meaning and power. I have a horrible time trusting others. It seems like every time I do trust people with my truth I am betrayed horribly. So it is hard for me to really be myself around others and more importantly, it is hard to show any vulnerability. I am seen as the one who has it all together but in reality, I am holding on by a thread. You know those threads that start to unravel on your favorite jeans when they get a hole in them. They can only withstand for so long before they blow. That is me in a nutshell. But I am getting better at trusting people with my truth. 

Unfortunately, with any learning curve, you learn who you can and can’t share your truths with- there are harsh words and accusations and in the end, you are huddled in the fetal position crying in the corner. So it is important to share but it is also important not to share too much. Hello, my name is Melissa and I am an oversharer. Yep, that is me- when I click with people the Enneagram 2 (which is the giver) in me wants to help in any way I can- being the biggest cheerleader almost to the determinant of sabotaging my own well being and sometimes even my business. 

Just Trust from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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But there is also another side to trust, that is when you find your group or tribe that you can share your heart and soul with and know there is no judgement ever. I found a few amazing friends who will stand by me through thick and thin and will correct me if I am out of line- not just telling me things I want to hear to make me feel good. They are the ones I go to when I have a problem and I want a straightforward answer because I know they won’t sugar coat anything. 

Then there is my online tribe of Moms at Restored for Moms who feed into and encourage each other. We are all moms at different stages of momhood just surviving to get things done. And I am privileged to be a part of this amazing group of Christian ladies. 

So when Restored was hosting a workshop on Leadership and highlighting Trust, I knew that I had to attend even if it was virtually. You see I actually started writing this blog post back in January, but everytime I would sit down to work on it, something would stop it from happening. I would open it up, write a few words and then say not feeling it and put it back in draft mode. That was until today. After attending “Leading Well at Home and at Work” a Restored Table Talk led by Stephanie Farley I knew that this blog post had to be written and now was the time. 

Stephanie shared so many amazing nuggets about trust and leadership. Here are just a few that stood out to me 

  • Trust means different things to different people. It can also mean a totally different thing to us in each stage of our life. We just need to be more attuned with what someone else might be going through in their life. 
  • Grace- We need to give ourselves grace when it comes to broken promises. Sometimes we can’t help but break those promises because other areas of our lives get in the way. 
  • When priorities aren’t in the right place, trust can get broken. I recently had that situation happen to me- for the first time I put myself first instead of someone else and they were upset that I didn’t decline an opportunity that was handed to me that they had backed out on. 
  • We all need vulnerability to build trust. ( THIS ONE WAS HUGE FOR ME). I am always that scared little girl that is afraid nobody will like her. So being vulnerable is scary but I also know that is necessary. 
  • A part of trust is to be able to forgive and to be able to offer a heartfelt apology if you are the one who broke the trust. 
  • And lastly BEING TRANSPARENT. This one is so hard for me and I can imagine it is hard for you as well. We are scared of being judged but how can people really find out who we are without sharing who we are without all the filters.

As Stephanie was wrapping up her talk, she talked about psychological safety. Not sure what that is basically it is “ I Trust You Enough to be Vulnerable with You?” I added the question mark at the end of the statement because that is one thing I struggle with trusting enough to be vulnerable. Wow she read me like a book. 

So tell me do you have trouble with just trusting? 

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  1. Great post and very heartfelt. For me, just trusting means that I put that trust in God first. He directs me on my path and decisions. He will always bring the right people into your life that you can trust. No one is perfect, and that is the beauty of having faith that God is in control. Do what feels right for you and what gives you peace. That is everything. You are important, and remember that you are deserving of it all.

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